Axew, Fraxure, and Haxorus

A closer look at one of my other dragon collections!

Last update: May/10/2011

Toz's Axew/Kibago line Collection

A group shot from February 2011. I have more items now, but many aren't shown yet since they're packed up for my upcoming move.

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Wanted and Coming Soon Items


So far, only Axew has official plush released, but the other two will be getting at least one each, thanks to the My Pokemon Collection line!

Pokemon Axew Namco Exclusive Plush

Namco Exclusive Banpresto Plush

I got this one for a good price in a group buy! I can't tell the difference between this and the non-Namco one, though...

Pokemon Axew Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush

Pokemon Center Exclusive Plush

Axew's first official plush! I was very excited when this was announced because I hadn't expected him to get a plush at all, but it turned out to be just the first of many! This plush seems to be exclaiming his joy to the world.

Pokemon Axew Pokemon Center Pokedoll Plush


Axew was also lucky enough to receive a spot in that ever-popular PokeCen line, Pokedolls! Here's another photo showing the front view.

Pokemon Axew Tomy Plush

Takara Tomy Plush

This plush has the gift of actually being able to stand up on his own, unlike the other plush I have...

Pokemon Axew My Pokemon Collection Plush

My Pokemon Collection Plush

I'm not trying to get all of Axew's plush, but I decided to get all of the dragon Pokemon featured in the My Pokemon Collection series, and Axew got his in the first set! It's a small soft plush with a keychain on top, also featuring nice details.


Pokemon Axew Tomy MC Figure

Tomy MC

One of my dragon-line staples, and a well detailed one! The BW figures in this series come with a new spinning base.

Pokemon Axew Kids Figures (2)

Kids Figures

Early on in BW, Axew already has two of these. I wonder how many more he'll get?

Pokemon Axew Chupa Surprise Figure

Chupa Surprise Figure

Ok, so this isn't one of my key items, but due to the hard time I had finding Dialga's Chupa figure I figured I should pick this up just in case I later decide to collect Axew much more.

Pokemon Axew Clipping Figure

Clipping Figure

Clipping figures are meant to show Pokemon in poses 'clipped' from an action scene. This Axew looks like he was clipped right from the anime! I love the unique happy face, since most of Axew's merch doesn't show him smiling.

Pokemon Axew Name Tag Figure Strap

Pokemon Center Strap (with nametag)

This is one of Axew's earliest figure releases, and I bought it since I was so excited to see him getting merch. There's also another version that has a simple strap instead of the nametag, but I haven't picked that one up yet since the figure's the same.

Pokemon Axew Clear Figure Strap

Bandai Figure Charm (Clear)

This figure was a surprise freebie with other Axew items, and I'm happy to add it to my collection! Hmm, maybe now I should pick up the non-clear version...

Other Items!

Pokemon Retsuden Stamps Axew and Fraxure

Retsuden Stamps

I had just recently added this page with Axew's stamp by itself when Fraxure's stamp arrived in the mail! Eee, my first piece of Fraxure merch!

Pokemon Mini Haxorus Stamp

Mini Stamp

From a set of BW mini stamps, this is probably Haxorus's first piece of non-flat merch!

Wanted and Coming Soon Items!

No wanted items right now! There are a few items I've seen around and don't have, and I'll pick them up at some point, but I'm not very focused on this collection right now.

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