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A closer look at one of my non-dragon side collections!

Last update: April/25/2016

I'm no longer collecting Excadrill, but I'm leaving this page up for reference. Many of these items have been sold, but I may still have some of them left.

Toz's Excadrill Collection

A group shot from August 2012.

Stickers and More Flat Items
Other Items
Wanted and Coming Soon Items


Pokemon Excadrill My Pokemon Collection Plush

My Pokemon Collection Plush
Source: denkimouse of Sunyshore!

It's been a long wait for Excadrill's first plush, but it's well worth it! I love his minky drill parts and painted details. Of course I'm still hoping for more plush, maybe a Pokedoll and/or a chibi UFO plush…


Pokemon Excadrill Kids Figures (2)

Kids Figure (Regular and Attack)
ポケモンキッズ (普通ときめわざ)
Source: Sunyshore! and AmiAmi

So far the bigger mole has two Kids - one regular version and one attack. The attack Kid is using Drill Run.

Pokemon Excadrill DX Kids Figure

DX Kids Figure
Source: Sunyshore!

Excadrill is lucky to get one of these, as they're only made for a small number of Pokemon. It's about twice the size of the regular Kids (as the name suggests), and is made of 2 large pieces put together.

Pokemon Excadrill Tomy MC

Tomy Monster Collection

Excadrill got a figure in this lineup fairly early in BW. These are supposed to come with a base, but since I don't usually display the bases, I didn't include it here!

Pokemon Excadrill Tomy MC+

Tomy Monster Collection Plus

The MC+ figures are great for Pokemon who suffer from "same pose syndrome", and Excadrill's doesn't disappoint! It looks like he's slashing something open here.

Pokemon Excadrill Zukan

1/40 Zukan
立体 ポケモン図鑑 BW
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Instead of the solid purple bases most Pokemon get, Excadrill and Drilbur were lucky and got this cool rock base! Oh, and the figures are cute too.

Pokemon Excadrill Clipping Figure with Card

Clipping Figure (with card)
Source: Sunyshore!

Excadrill has also been featured in the clipping figure series, which features Pokemon 'clipped' from an action scene! I've included his matching card here as well.

Pokemon Excadrill Swing Keychain

Swing (Figure) Keychain
ポケモン スイング キーホルダー
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I believe this one is from a gachapon series that had been discontinued since G/S/C, but is now making its return in BW. This particular one came in a set with Pikachu, Kyurem, and the three Muskedeer (Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion).

Pokemon Excadrill Pepsi NEX Strap

Excadrill Pepsi NEX Strap
ペプシNEX ポケモンコレクション ストラップ
Source: Sunyshore!

Similar to the 711 summer drink promotions, this is part of a set of 24 Unova Pokemon, each strap attached to one bottle of Pepsi NEX in Japan.

Pokemon Excadrill Metal Figures (3)

Metal Figures
Source: peka0 of pkmncollectors

I was pleased to see Excadrill not only be included in this line, but get figures instead of the metal coins most of the more complicated Pokemon (like Dialga) get. With Peka's help, I was able to get 3 out of the 4 colors (the last being a coppery brown version). I'd like to get the last one too, but as I'm not super completionist with this collection I'm not too worried about it.

Stickers and Other Flat Items!

I'm not actively trying to collect flat items of Excadrill (yet), but if I happen upon them in a set or random package, I'll keep them.

Pokemon Excadrill Pan Sticker

Excadrill Pan Sticker
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

A standard pose pan sticker. I think Excadrill has gotten several more of these since, so I've got some catching up to do!

Pokemon Excadrill Korean Sticker

Excadrill Korean Sticker
Source: gleameyesluxray of pkmncollectors

I bought a whole bunch of random stickers from gleameyesluxray, and this Excadrill was included, so I pulled him aside for my collection. Although it's a totally different line, this one looks a bit like a pan sticker, with its open background and rough texture.

Pokemon Excadrill Attack Kids Figure Sticker

Attack Kids Figure Sticker
ポケモン キッズ きめわざ シール

Like most Kids figures, Excadrill's attack Kids came with a sticker showing some Pokedex data and some information about the figure. Although I have 2 Excadrill Kids, there's only one of these stickers because his regular Kid came with a TCG card instead.

Other Items!

Pokemon Excadrill Metal Charm

Pokemon Center Charm
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors

This enameled charm is part of a huge Pokemon Center promotion that released every single Pokemon up through Kyurem as a charm, over the course of 3 waves and 3 months (December 2011 to February 2012). They were packaged in sets with evolution lines, but I only collect Excadrill out of the pair, so I traded Drilbur to my friend moguryuu!

Pokemon Excadrill Dot Sprite Charm

Dot Sprite Charm
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Like the charm above, this charm is from a large Pokemon Center set, though this set included only the Unova Pokemon (plus a few others like Pikachu and Charizard). The material is very different (rubbery instead of metal) and it's made to resemble Excadrill's game sprite. Up close it looks very blocky, but if you look from a bit farther away you can see the sprite!

Pokemon Excadrill Retsuden Stamp

Excadrill Retsuden Stamp (BW 3)
Source: Warner Mycal (Japanese movie theater)

I love Retsuden Stamps, and I was buying this (movie) set for Hydreigon anyway, so it was easy to get a few Excadrill. He seems to be getting a good bit of merch, so I'm hoping he'll get at least one more!

Pokemon Excadrill Wooden Stamp

Wood Block Stamp
木製(?) スタンプ
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

This stamp is from a Pokemon Center line, and is quite sturdy! I usually just collect Retsuden stamps of my smaller collections, but since I was able to pick this one up in the store, I figured I should just go ahead and get him.

Pokemon Excadrill Battrio (2)

Source: jayceanime of pkmncollectors

Like most Battrio, these have unique art! I love the smug faces on these particular poses.

Pokemon Excadrill Can Badge

Can Badge
Source: tomokii of pkmncollectors

Excadrill's first pin is from a large set of 20 badges, split into two sub-sets (Reshiram and Zekrom). You can find Excadrill in the Reshiram set!

Pokemon Excadrill AEON Can Badge

AEON Limited Can Badge
Source: Sunyshore!

Excadrill's second can badge is in this set of badges limited to one type of store (and not stocked in all of those stores!) that featured over 160 Pokemon. It's much larger than a regular can badge, and has a much more rounded top, like the Pokemon With You badges.

Pokemon Excadrill Candy Piece

Meiji Candy
Source: Olympic (Retail store in Japan)

I bought many packs of these candies (sold in bags with maybe 20 or 30 per bag) in the summer of 2011 trying to get a Hydreigon candy, but apparently he and Golurk weren't in the set. I did get this Excadrill candy though, so I pulled him aside for my collection.

Pokemon Excadrill Dark Explorers Booster Pack

Dark Explorers Booster Pack
Source: Target

I find it hard to resist these booster packs when they have my favorite Pokemon in cool new poses, so I grabbed one of these packs for the art! Wonder what's inside...

Excadrill Ensky Magnets (5)

Ensky Magnets
マグネット コレクション ガム
Source: tomokii, denkimouse, and mamoswine and tomokii of pkmncollectors, and Warner Mycal (Japanese movie theater)

Wow, Excadrill is sure getting a lot of magnets! The ones with the green background glow in the dark, too!