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Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon

A closer look at one of my other dragon collections!

Last update: November/22/2013

Toz's Hydreigon line Collection

A group shot from November 2013.

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Pokemon Hydreigon, Zweilous, and Deino MPC Plush

My Pokemon Collection Plush
MYポケモン コレクション モノズ ジヘッド サザンドラ
Source: denkimouse of Sunyshore

The first (and currently only) official plush for the hydra line are these lovely palm-sized keychain plush in the My Pokemon Collection series, which features a plush for every single Unova Pokemon! It's rare for a full dragon evolution line to have official plush, especially in the same series!
These guys are so top-heavy that I had to set them down to really show them. Here's another view, propped up with their respective Kids.

Pokemon Hydreigon UFO Plush

Banpresto UFO Plush (Dragon Series)
コロットまんまるぬいぐるみドラゴン サザンドラ
Source: Yahoo! Japan

Despite getting lots of figures and other toys, it took quite a while for Hydreigon to get his second official plush! It's quite cute, but like the MPC, doesn't stand up in the slightest.

Pokemon Hydreigon Custom Plush

Custom plush by usako_chan of pkmncollectors

This big and fancy plush will likely satisfy most of my custom plush needs for this complicated dragon. He's a bit hard to photograph all at once, so here is a photo of his face.

Pokemon Hydreigon Custom Bell Plush (normal and shiny)

Custom plush by flag of pkmncollectors

To go along with my custom Dialga, I've now got a fancy Hydreigon bell plush! And an amazing surprise gift of the shiny version, too!
It's a bit hard to see in this photo (since like most Hydreigon, they don't stand on their own), but the side heads are done with stiff felt, just like details on many official bell plush.


Pokemon Deino Zweilous and Hydreigon Kids Figure

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon Kids Figures
Source: Sunyshore!

We've finally got all 3 hydras in Kids form! They go so well together <3

Pokemon Hydreigon Attack Kids Figure

Hydreigon Attack Kids Figure

And to follow the regular Kids figure, here's the first Attack hydra! He looks like he really loves attacking.

Pokemon Hydreigon Tomy MC

Hydreigon Tomy Monster Collection
サザンドラ モンコレ
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Hydreigon's MC figure wasn't slated to come out until September, and I was in Japan only in July...but he got included in a pair of movie sets with 9 other movie Pokemon. Lucky me!

Pokemon Hydreigon Tomy MC in box

Hydreigon Tomy Monster Collection
サザンドラ モンコレ
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo(?)

Hydreigon got his MC in summer 2011, but it was part of a movie set and he didn't get an individually boxed one until some months later. When I saw him in the store, I figured I may as well grab a MIB one and keep it too!

Pokemon Hydreigon Tomy MC+

Hydreigon Tomy Monster Collection Plus
Source: OIOI (retail store in Japan)

Hydreigon really lucked out with figures for the 14th movie, including this lovely MC+!

Pokemon Hydreigon Waza Museum Figure

Hydreigon Waza Museum Figure
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors

The Waza Museum series are UFO prizes, and part of the "Adults Love Pokemon Too" line. Basically, they're meant to look awesome when displayed, and they sure do! I was very happy to see Hydreigon get included in the lineup. Here he's using Draco Meteor! The figure isn't attached to the base so it's easy to remove the base if you like, but I prefer to display them together.

Pokemon Hydreigon Japanese McDonald's Figure

Hydreigon McDonald's Toy
マクドナルド ハッピーセットおまけ
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors

Japanese McDonald's have had many more Pokemon promotions than we've had here in the US. This set consists of rolling figures, and Hydreigon was lucky enough to get included in the lineup.

Pokemon Hydreigon Zukan

Hydreigon 1/40 Zukan
立体 ポケモン図鑑 BW 劇場版 サザンドラ
Source: Gachapon Machine

I never expected Hydreigon to get a zukan so soon, even though it doesn't include his evolutions! We'll just have to wait for the full one to come out later.

Pokemon Hydreigon Keshipoke

Hydreigon Keshipoke
けしポケ サザンドラ
Source: AmiAmi

The Keshipoke set for the Reshiram/Zekrom movie finally came out about 7 months later, in January 2012. Oh well, better late than never?
Since Keshipoke are so tiny and Hydreigon is a pretty complex Pokemon, I was expecting him to be missing some detail, but he actually came out pretty well! Like most Hydreigon figures, he doesn't stand up on his own, so rather than show another faceplanting photo I put him belly up for this one.

Pokemon Hydreigon Clipping Figure

Hydreigon Clipping Figure
クリッピング サザンドラ
Source: aburamechan of pkmncollectors

Another great figure line are clipping figures, which feature Pokemon in neat poses "clipped" from an action scene! Like all clipping figures, this one comes with an art card, shown in the flats section below.

Pokemon Poke Plamo Keshipoke

Hydreigon, Zweilous, and Deino PokePlamo
ポケプラ サザンドラ進化セット
Source: Sunyshore!

Finally, a figure set of all 3 hydras together! I expected that Hydreigon's wings would move, but instead it's his heads that move from side to side. I took the photo with one head a little turned to show this.
The stickers on this set are not as bad as some others I've seen, and I'm really grateful that they didn't leave Hydreigon's main head 'petals' up to stickers. (The smaller heads did get stickers, but they're not nearly as visible so it doesn't matter as much.) I haven't put on Deino's sticker (consisting of a stretch of black with a few red dots) and will probably paint it, and I accidently broke one of Zweilous's wings since it's thin plastic and goes in at an odd angle. Still, overall I'm really pleased with this set!

Pokemon Hydreigon Pokemon Center Figure Strap

Pokemon Center Figure Strap
Source: Sunyshore!

This series has featured a lot of BW Pokemon, but I was pretty surprised when Hydreigon suddenly appeared in a set with Joltik and Keldeo. No complaints here, though!

Pokemon Hydreigon Netsuke

Hydreigon Netsuke Strap
ポケモン根付マスコットBW 2011年劇場版SP Part2
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This gachapon strap came out a bit late for a movie edition, but oh well! Like most other Netsuke straps, he's difficult to photograph due to his proportionally huge strap.

Pokemon Deino Custom Sculpture

Custom sculpture by caffwin of pkmncollectors

This little guy was a gift sent with the Dialga sculpture I commissioned, which you can see on my main Customs page ^_^

Pokemon Deino Custom Sculpture

Custom charm by porcupine_paws of pkmncollectors

This one I did not commission, but bought premade on the community. He's pretty cute!

Pokemon Zweilous Custom Sculpture

Custom sculpture by astron of pkmncollectors

This guy actually does stand up on his own, despite the heads, but not on a fabric surface apparently! So I've propped him up for his photo here.

Stickers and Other Flat Items!

Pokemon Hydreigon Pan Stickers (2)

Hydreigon Pan Stickers
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I hope these are just the first of many hydra pan stickers to come! I think I've got a complete collection of Dialga and Jolteon pan stickers, and I'd like to get them all for the hydras as well.

Pokemon Deino Pan Sticker

Deino Pan Stickers
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Yay, another Deino sticker! Many Pokemon get more unique poses featured in their pan stickers later on, so I'm hoping Deino (and Zweilous) will too.

Pokemon Hydreigon Holo Noodle Sticker

Hydreigon Noodle Sticker
Source: Grocery store in Japan

When I saw that there was a movie set of Pokemon Ramen with enclosed stickers, I bought a few in the hopes of getting Hydreigon. I lucked out and got one, and a sparkly one to boot - but there are other versions as well!

Pokemon Hydreigon Noodle Sticker

Hydreigon Noodle Sticker
ザサンドラ ヌードル シール
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

In addition to the holo seal above, Hydreigon has this more standard seal as well.

Pokemon Zweilous Noodle Sticker

Zweilous Noodle Sticker
ジヘッド ヌードル シール
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Some time after he found the other two, Crunch also found Zweilous and traded it to me! Awesome!

Pokemon Deino Noodle Sticker

Deino Noodle Sticker
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I always have a hard time finding these stickers of the Pokemon I collect, so I was especially glad when my friend Crunch offered me this one in trade!

Pokemon Hydreigon 3D Sticker (2)

Hydreigon 'Jump Out' Stickers
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors, somewhere in Japan!

This set of stickers has an extremely generic name ("Pokemon Sticker"), so I've started calling them 'jump out' stickers, as the subtitle says 'the Pokemon jump out at you!' From what I'd seen of these I thought they were just plain flat stickers, like Amada stickers but with less going on. Nope! They are thick plastic (probably a little thicker than the lenticular Amada stickers), and the background is lenticular in such a way that it looks like there's a bunch of empty space (with a patterned wall) behind the Pokemon. It's a really neat effect, but a shame it doesn't come up in photos!
The set consists of 24 stickers, and the packaging looks like this. There are 2 different poses each of 12 Pokemon.

Pokemon Hydreigon Zweilous Evolution

Evolution Card Sticker
Source: gleameyesluxray of pkmncollectors

This large sticker is exclusive to Korea, so I feel lucky to have had a chance to get it! Like some Japanese and American cards, it shifts between two evolutions.

Hydra Pokedex Pro Retsuden Sticker

Pokedex Pro Retsuden/Amada Stickers
ポケモン 全国図鑑Proシール烈伝
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

It took a few years into the BW era before we got new stickers of the Retsuden Amada series. This time, they all feature the 3D models as in the Pokedex Pro app, and some feature nice metallic backgrounds too. Here we have the full evolution line, which I was happy to receive all at once from my friend Crunch.

Pokemon Hydreigon 3D Sticker

Hydreigon Pokedex 3D Sticker
Source: killmeneko of pkmncollectors

This sticker is part of a series of Poke Ball straps of various kinds (Dive Ball, Ultra Ball, etc). In addition to the ball on a strap, it also includes a little plastic cube, and these stickers to put on the cube. The idea is that you can put the cube inside the ball, then open it and view it with your 3DS to see a 3D version of the Pokemon inside the ball.

Pokemon Hydreigon Hiragana Study CardPokemon Hydreigon Hiragana Study Card

Hydreigon Hiragana Card
ポケモン かるた

This card is from a set meant to help Japanese children learn their hiragana, which is a form of written Japanese. The accompanying card says "With his three heads, Hydreigon eats up and destroys everything."

Pokemon Hydreigon Gachapon Stickers

Hydreigon Battle Piece Collection Stickers
ポケモンステッカー バトル ピース コレクション 2011年劇場版
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

These stickers are part of a gachapon set that consists of Pokeballs and tiny stickers. The full set of stickers is pretty big, but unlike many blind packaged items they're at least consistent. For example, both of these Hydreigon were in capsule 4, which also contains Tepig, Deerling, and Dwebble.

Pokemon Deino and Zweilous Argentina Stickers

Argentina Stickers
Source: helloskitty of pkmncollectors

These stickers appear to have been made for most (if not all) of the Pokemon up through Gen 5. They're pretty hard to find here in the US, but thankfully pkmncollectors has members all over the world to trade with and buy from!
If there is a Hydreigon from this set (and I'd assume there is), I'm missing him for my collection.

Pokemon Hydreigon Pokedex 3D Card

Hydreigon Pokedex 3D Card
Source: dtrain4eva of pkmncollectors

This card has a code on it that you can scan with your 3DS to bring a 3D Hydreigon into your room!

Pokemon Melee Pokescan Hydreigon Pog

Melee Pokescan Pog
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This pog is part of a large set, and can be scanned in to play some sort of game. I just wanted the Hydreigon piece!

Pokemon Deino Japanese Calendar Page

Deino Calendar Page
Source: Sunyshore!

I didn't buy this page directly from Sunyshore, but rather the full page-a-day calendar. When I turned the page and found this Deino, I promptly set him aside for my collection!

Pokemon Zweilous Japanese Calendar Pages

Zweilous Calendar Pages
Source: Sunyshore!

As you can see, these pages are from the same calendar as the Deino and Hydreigon ones above and below. For some reason, Zweilous got two…with the same art…two months in a row. Oh well, no complaints here!

Pokemon Hydreigon Japanese Calendar Page

Hydreigon Calendar Page
Source: Sunyshore!

Luckily for me, this calendar has many hydra pages! Hydreigon received his page in late September.

Pokemon Hydreigon Japanese Calendar Page

Hydreigon Sticker Calendar Page
Source: rypeltajaroll of pkmncollectors

This is from a totally different calendar than the above pages, even though it's also from 2013. Instead of being a daily calendar, this one is a weekly one, and each page is a large sticker instead of a thin sheet of paper.

Pokemon Deino Marumiya Sticker Card

Deino Marumiya Food Sticker
丸美屋シール モノズ
Source: denkimouse and allinia of pkmncollectors

I've been pretty obsessive about trying to get these stickers for the hydras, because the Dialga ones have proved so difficult to find a few years later. I was especially worried about this set, because unlike most of the Marumiya stickers which have a Pokeball on the top layer that you peel off to reveal a Pokemon, this set has a different Pokemon on each layer - so a kid or collector could peel off that top layer and throw it away, making it very hard to find intact ones! Deino and Hydreigon are both on the top layers within this set, so I'd been buying packs through my deputy (with no success) trying to get new stickers.
Then denkimouse and allinia came to my rescue! They'd bought a bunch of these packs in Japan for fun, and when they found Deino they knew I'd love it, and sent it to me along with a number of other dragon goodies! Thanks so much <3 <3

Pokemon Hydreigon Megmilk Sticker

Hydreigon Megmilk Sticker
メグミルク ポケモン シール サザンドラ

These stickers are packaged with little snack boxes of milk. You only get one sticker per box, and they're blind packaged, so it's a bit hard to get the one you want. I lucked out and found this set on Yahoo Japan, though.

Pokemon Deino Zweilous Hydreigon Playing Cards

Playing Cards
Source: helloskitty of pkmncollectors

These cards are from a Black/White playing card deck that helloskitty kindly split up for individual pkmncollectors.

Pokemon Hydreigon Dragon's Blast Theme Deck

Dragon's Blast Theme Deck
リューズブラスト サザンドラデッキ
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

The Dragon's Blast half of this TCG set seems to be focused on Hydreigon, which is awesome! (The other half is focused on Garchomp, which is also awesome.) Hydreigon even got his own deck here, featuring new cards and art for all of his evolution line.

Pokemon Hydreigon Dragons Exalted Theme Deck

Dragons Exalted Theme Deck
サザンドラデッキ (アメリカ版)
Source: Target

Not only did Hydreigon get his own Japanese deck, he got his own deck for the international release as well! Unlike the Japanese deck, the American one has cool textured art of Hydreigon, in addition to his card being featured.

Pokemon Hydreigon Noble Victories Booster Pack

Noble Victories TCG Booster Pack
Source: Target

I was really excited to come across this pack in the store, because I didn't realize Hydreigon had gotten featured on the set's boosters! Maybe in a future set we'll get a binder too?

Pokemon Hydreigon Dragon's Blast Booster Pack

Dragon's Blast TCG Booster Pack
リューズ ブラスト拡張パック
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Japanese booster packs usually seem to feature a whole bunch of Pokemon, so I was happy to see that the Dragon's Blast pack is very Hydreigon-centric!

Pokemon Hydreigon Dragon's Blast TCG

Hydreigon TCG (Dragon's Blast)
リューズブラスト サザンドラ
Source: drag0n_aura of pkmncollectors

Pokemon Hydreigon Dragon's Blast Theme Deck TCG

Hydreigon TCG (Dragon's Blast Theme Deck)
リューズブラスト サザンドラ (サザンドラデッキから)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo (with theme deck)

Pokemon Hydreigon Red Collection Holo TCG

Hydreigon TCG (Red Collection)
レッドコレクション サザンドラ
Source: viper_fox of collectorviper

Pokemon Zweilous Dragon's Blast TCG

Zweilous TCG (Dragon's Blast)
リューズブラスト ジヘッド
Source: drag0n_aura of pkmncollectors

Pokemon Zweilous Red Collection TCG

Zweilous TCG (Red Collection)
レッドコレクション ジヘッド
Source: viper_fox of collectorviper

Pokemon Dragon's Blast Theme Deck TCG - Deino

Deino TCG (Dragon's Blast Theme Deck)
リューズブラスト サザンドラ (サザンドラデッキから)
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo (with theme deck)

Pokemon Deino Dragon's Blast TCG

Deino TCG (Dragon's Blast)
リューズブラスト モノズ
Source: drag0n_aura of pkmncollectors

Pokemon Deino Red Collection TCG

Deino TCG (Red Collection)
レッドコレクション モノズ
Source: viper_fox of collectorviper

When visiting Japan in 2011, I got all three of the Red Collection cards I needed from viper_fox, who was also visiting for the Pokemon fun!

Pokemon Deino Zweilous and Hydreigon Kids Figure Stickers

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon Kids Figure Stickers

Like most Kids figures, these three came with stickers showing some Pokedex data and some information about the figure.

Pokemon Hydreigon Clipping Figure's Card

Hydreigon Clipping Figure Card
クリッピング カード サザンドラ
Source: aburamechan of pkmncollectors

This is the card that accompanies the clipping figure, shown above in the figures section.

Pokemon Hydreigon Shiny Sticker

Hydreigon Shiny Sticker
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors

I don't usually collect stickers cut out from pages, but shiny Hydreigon merch is so rare that I'll make an exception here! This is from the movie collection mini sticker book.

Pokemon カリータ Sticker

カリータ Sticker
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors

Hey, what's a human doing on this page? This is カリータ (Karita? Kariita?), the trainer who brought us all these Hydreigon toys so early in BW by using a Hydreigon in the movie! This is from the same sticker sheet as the above. I'd collect her items too, but they're so few that unless I get custom items commissioned, it's not much of a collection.

Pokemon Hydreigon ACEO

Custom ACEO by porcupine_paws of pkmncollectors

I haven't gotten many Hydreigon customs yet, but when I saw porcupine_paws open slots for 'attack' ACEOs, I had to commission one!

Pokemon Deino ACEO

Custom ACEO by mamoswine of pkmncollectors

I actually didn't commission this one, but saw it pop up for auction on pkmncollectors and just had to go for it! Isn't he cute?

Pokemon Deino Laminate

Custom laminate cutout by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

This little guy was a surprise with the Pokemon Time Dialga I requested! He's also Pokemon Time style, but it's a bit harder to tell with Pokemon that don't have visible eyes.

Pokemon Deino Laminate Charm

Custom laminate cutout by sorjei of pkmncollectors

This little guy was also a surprise, sent with some things I bought from sorjei!

Other Items!

Pokemon Hydreigon, Zweilous, and Deino Metal Charms

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon Pokemon Center Charms
Source: denkimouse of pkmncollectors

These fantastic charms are part of a huge Pokemon Center promotion that released every single Pokemon up through Kyurem as a charm, over the course of 3 waves and 3 months (December 2011 to February 2012). I'm especially pleased with Deino's charm - isn't he cute?

Pokemon Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon Dot Sprite Charms

Dot Sprite Charms
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Like the above set, these charms are from a large Pokemon Center set, though this set included only the Unova Pokemon (plus a few others like Pikachu and Charizard). The material is very different (rubbery instead of metal) and it's made to resemble the Pokemon's game sprites. Up close they look very blocky, but if you look from a bit farther away you can see the sprites!

Pokemon Hydreigon and Zweilous Hiragana Bath Poofs

Hydreigon and Zweilous Hiragana Bath Poofs
サザンドラ ジヘッド おふろでペタペタ!ポケモンひらがなパネル
Source: denkimouse and tamago226 of pkmncollectors

These are spongy foamy cutouts, meant to be used in the bathtub as educational toys to help kids learn their hiragana characters.
Since I was visiting denkimouse and she'd picked up this set for tamago226, I was allowed to nab these two before the rest of the set was sent on to her. Yay!

Pokemon Hydreigon Mini Puzzle

Hydreigon "I choose you!" Mini Puzzle
Source: AmiAmi

This 150 piece puzzle is part of a series featuring Pokemon popping out of their Pokeballs when their trainer calls them.

Pokemon Hydreigon & Victini Mini Binder

Hydreigon Mini Binder
Source: cardwhale of pkmncollectors

Ok, so this is actually a Victini binder with Hydreigon on the back. But, like my Jolteon binder, I just turn it around and pretend it's Japanese, with the front on the other side! I was hoping for a large binder to keep my hydra flats in, but this one will do for now!

Pokemon Hydreigon Retsuden Stamp

Hydreigon Retsuden Stamp
Source: Warner Mycal (Japanese movie theater)

Of course I am pleased that Hydreigon got his (first?) stamp so soon, in the BW3 set! And of course I am excitedly awaiting Deino and Zweilous's stamps too!

Pokemon Hydreigon Dot Sprite Badge

Hydreigon Dot Sprite Badge
ゲームドット 缶バッジ サザンドラ
Source: Sunyshore!

My first hydra can badge is this mini one from the Dot Sprite promotion, which features pixel art from the games made into things like stationery, clips, and figures! I was happy to see Hydreigon get included in this run.

Pokemon Hydreigon Zweilous and Deino AEON Badges

AEON Limited Can Badges
Source: Sunyshore!

This set of badges is limited to one type of store (and not stocked in all of those stores!), and featured over 160 Pokemon. It's much larger than a regular can badge, and has a much more rounded top, like the Pokemon With You badges.
I was excited to hear that this set would feature so many BW Pokemon, because it meant that Deino and Zweilous would get their own badges! (Yes Hydreigon, I love you too, but you have so much stuff!

Pokemon Hydreigon Battrio (5)

Hydreigon Battrio
Source: Yahoo! Japan, crunch385, jayceanime of pkmncollectors

To match my Dialga and Jolteon collections (once again), here are my hydra Battrio! This is a series that shows love to a large variety of Pokemon, so the odds are pretty good that Deino and Zweilous will get Battrio at some point too.

Pokemon Hydreigon Tretta (3)

Hydreigon Tretta
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

While I was waiting for some Deino and Zweilous Battrio, it seems that they ended the Battrio series and started a new similar line called Pokemon Tretta. Here are 3 of the Hydreigon in that new series!

Pokemon Hydreigon Coin Purse

Hydreigon Coin Purse
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I was excited to see this coin purse in the movie 2011 version of Pokemon Fan, since Hydreigon didn't get all that much merch of himself. (Golurk is actually on the other side, but it doesn't show here!) Unfortunately, it didn't actually come out at the Pokemon Center until after I'd left Japan, even though other coin purses of movie Pokemon were there, but Crunch kindly picked one up for me!

Pokemon Hydreigon Battle Wheels (2)

Hydreigon Battle Wheels
Source: 711 in Japan, larvitarscar of pkmncollectors

These items are neat, but usually a pain to get - they're not very popular and are expensive to buy from Japan. I lucked out and got one in Japan (out of buying only 2 capsules!) and the other directly from pkmncollectors.
Each also comes with a launcher (not shown here).

Pokemon Hydreigon Pen Cap

Hydreigon Pen Cap
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I have a few of these Dialga, and now a Hydreigon too! This is part of one of two movie sets of 5 caps each.

Pokemon Hydreigon Glider

Hydreigon Soft Glider
サザンドラ ソフト グライダー
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

As with most of the other Hydreigon items currently on this page, I was able to pick this up in Japan! It's part of a randomly packaged set with about 9 others, such as Sigilyph and Golurk.

Hydreigon Ensky Magnets (5)

Hydreigon Ensky Magnets
サザンドラ マグネット コレクション ガム
Source: Warner Mycal (Japanese movie theater), tortoises and crunch385 of pkmncollectors,

When I found out Hydreigon was in the 2012 movie set, I bought tons of packs at the first place I found them! To my surprise, he has not just one magnet in the set, but two, and thankfully I got both of them!
The purple one in the middle is my newest addition, and is from a later set. The tiny one on the far left is actually a glow in the dark magnet (光る!!マグネットコレクション). Like the above Ensky magnets, these come on a sheet with a few Pokemon per - but here, the border around the Pokemon is a rough textured glow in the dark material! Hydreigon came with a much larger Zekrom, and I also got a sheet with Kyurem, Haxorus, and Cryogonal at the same time.
These are supposed to be blind-packed, but Crunch pointed out that it's not very hard to tell which sheet is inside these, and picked up a few for me!

Hydreigon Line Evolution Charm

Hydreigon, Zweilous, and Deino Evolution Charm
ポケモン 進化プレート モノズ&ジヘッド&サザンドラ
Source: AnimeRaro.com

A neat gachapon item containing full evolution lines of these Pokemon! I think this is Deino and Zweilous's first official merch.

Deino and Zweilous and Hydreigon Furikake Seasoning Packs

Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon Marumiya Furikake (Seasoning) Packets
丸美屋モノズ ジヘッド サザンドラふりかけ小袋 第2
Source: Taigaya, crunch385 of pkmncollectors

Furikake are dried seasonings meant to be sprinkled over rice. Deino's is egg flavored, Hydreigon is vegetable flavored, and Zweilous's is...something we don't have here in the US. I actually bought a whole bunch of packets hoping for the three hydras, and managed to get two of them! The third, Hydreigon, was found by my friend Crunch.
In addition to the seasoning packets themselves, each pack (of 20 packets) comes with one Marumiya sticker, visible in my sticker section down below!

Hydreigon Furikake Seasoning Pack

Hydreigon Marumiya Furikake (Seasoning) Packet
丸美屋サザンドラふりかけ小袋 第3
Source: Olympic (retail store in Japan)

The third set of BW furikake has new package art, including this Hydreigon! I actually bought some hoping for the new stickers, and was surprised to see a Hydreigon in there. The official website no longer shows which Pokemon are on the packets, so I don't know if there are other Pokemon I'd want in the set.

Hydras with Other Pokemon!

I have made a separate category for this because (as with Dialga), my intent is to collect only the items that feature just the Pokemon I'm collecting, but if I pick up items with the hydras on them, I'll show them here for the sake of information and completeness.

Hydreigon & Golurk Metal Collection Charm

Hydreigon & Golurk Chara Metal Collection Charm
ポケモン劇場キャラメタルコレクション サザンドラ&ゴルーグ
Source: Movie Theater lobby in Japan (during the 14th movie promotion)

Having had some experience with Dialga's charms, I wanted to get this one while I had the opportunity. It took a few tries, but I also got a nifty charm of Iris's team (which I also collect) in the process!

Hydreigon & Golurk Watch

Hydreigon & Golurk Watch
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

I don't know much about this set, other than they were sold blind packaged in boxes (not gachapon machines).

Hydreigon & Golurk Tissue Pack

Hydreigon & Golurk Tissue Pack
サザンドラ&ゴルーグ ティッシュー
Source: godudette of pkmncollectors

I saw this pack in somebody's collection, and made a mental note to look for the set while in Japan, since I was planning to go back pretty soon. I didn't find it among the Pokemon tissue sets there, but I did find it in godudette's sales post shortly after I returned. Works for me!

Pokemon Spring Tournament TCG Handout

PCG Spring Tournament Handout
ポケモンカードゲーム スプリングトーナメントちらし
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

This handout (from the Pokemon Center, I believe) gives some information about a TCG tournament in Japan. It seems to feature Hydreigon and Garchomp as the stars of the Dragon's Blade/Dragon's Blast decks.

Pokemon Hydreigon and Haxorus T Shirt Design

Hydreigon and Haxorus T-Shirt
サザンドラ オノノクス シャーツ
Source: crunch385 of pkmncollectors

If I remember correctly, this shirt is exclusive to the Yokohama Pokemon Center, and came in three colors: black (this one), red, and blue. I wanted this shirt for a while, but it's hard to find Pokemon clothes listed for auction or sale online. Crunch found this nicely sized one up for auction for me, though!
This is a full shirt, but I cropped the picture down since I didn't need to show me wearing it, haha. I don't really know why, but the back also features a little Archeops near the neck.

Pokemon Dragon's Blade/Dragon's Blast TCG Sleeves

Hydreigon and Garchomp TCG Sleeves
サザンドラ ガブリアス デッキシールド
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Hydreigon and his co-star Garchomp (from Dragon's Blast/Dragon's Blade) are featured on these classy TCG sleeves.

Pokemon Reshiram Movie Pouch

Movie 14 Cup Pouch
コップ袋 ビクティニ&レシラム&ゼクロム
Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

I like the unique art on this one! The back features Zekrom, Golurk, and some other Pokemon from the movie.

Reshiram Movie PouchReshiram Movie Pouch

Movie 14 Pouch (White Snow Field version)
巾着 「白の雪原」 Source: Pokemon Center Tokyo

Another bag with unique art! Unlike the above pouch, this one came in both Reshiram and Zekrom versions, and Reshiram's has Hydreigon on both sides. This one is also a good bit larger, but less expensive for some reason?

Pokemon Movie Reshiram/Zekrom Cloth

Movie 14 Cloth
Source: Retail store in Japan (I forget which one!)

Here's another nifty item with Hydreigon included!

Pokemon Movie Reshiram/Zekrom Handkerchief

Movie 14 Napkin
Source: Toys R Us (Japan)

This cloth is huge, and doesn't quite fit in my lightbox! For now, I'm using it as a base for my hydra collection display.

Pokemon Hydreigon & Haxorus Drawstring Bag

Dragon-Type Drawstring Bag
Source: allinia of pkmncollectors

This dragon-tastic bag has Reshiram and Zekrom on one side, and Hydreigon and Haxorus on the other! Unlike most of the Pokemon drawstring bags, which are made of a thin linen-like material, this one is thick terrycloth and feels much more durable.

Japanese Pokemon Children's Puzzle

Children's Puzzle
Source: Retail store in Japan (I forget which one!)

I bought this large puzzle because it features Hydreigon, Haxorus, Druddigon, and Excadrill! Too bad it's not all dragons though...

Japanese Pokemon Cardass Sticker File

Cardass Movie Sticker File ムービーシール05
Source: allinia of pkmncollectors

This sticker file is from a small sticker vending machine in Japan. Allinia played the machine and since this one features Hydreigon prominently, she gave it to me as a gift!

Wanted and Coming Soon Items!


Zweilous Pokemon Seal

Hydreigon Pokemon Seal Zweilous Pokemon Seal

Hydreigon Line Nissui Pokemon SealHydreigon Pokemon BW VS Card

Hydreigon Pokemon Seal Hydreigon Pokemon Seal Zweilous Pokemon Seal

Hydreigon from this set!

I am missing Hydreigon's latest cards (I only have the first release), but I'm waiting for the price to drop a bit before buying them on YJ or eBay.

Any other items featuring only these Pokemon!

Coming Soon:

Waiting on release of: