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A very special Pokemon's collection!

Last update: April/25/2016

I am no longer actively collecting Jolteon, so I'm not seeking any more items, but I've left this page up for collecting reference.

Toz's Jolteon Collection

A group shot from October 2013.

Production Art
TCG Cards
Other Non-Flat Items
Other Flat Items
Custom/Handmade Items

With the Eevee promotion that began in 2012, Jolteon got quite an explosion of new items. For the sake of organization, items are now sorted within the categories by age. I don't know the exact release dates for most of them, so they're generally grouped as follows:

Vintage (RBY & GSC era)
Advanced Generation
Diamond & Pearl
Black/White (includes Sylveon, but prior to release of XY)
If there are items with multiple releases (such as various Kids), they will be grouped under the oldest release of that item.

I have quite a few Jolteon that don't have photos yet and am working on adding them to the site bit by bit, so the ones on this page are only some of what I have. This page is very much under construction!


Pokemon Jolteon Bell Plush

Bell Plush (by Banpresto)

This amazingly rare plush is one I thought I'd never obtain for my own collection, but Gin of Sunyshore managed to find an extra, and sold him to me <3 He is about 3" tall and made of a combination of velvet, felt, and painted-on details. This line is from about 1999, and contains a good number of the original 151 Pokemon. (I also have a Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite bell plush on my Dragons page!)

If I didn't have the Jolteon cel below, this would be the rarest item in my collection. As of this writing, this is the only Jolteon bell plush that I know of in all of the United States.

Pokemon Jolteon Friends Plush

Jolteon Friends Plush

My very loved and worn friends plush, that has certain sentimental value, even apart from being my first Jolteon plush. Mine wears a little makeshift collar.

Jolteon Pokedolls (4)

Pokemon Center Pokedolls

Here are four versions of the official Jolteon Pokedoll! From left to right, we have:
* Original Japanese Release - This one doesn't have a hang tag, but if it did, it would be one of the red ones with Pikachu, just the doll two over has. Naturally, his tush tag has the Pokemon Company's name in Japanese.
* 2008 Eevee Collection version - This one is not velour like the others, but made with soft minky plush fabric. The Eevee Collection dolls were only available for about a month, so he is quite rare! Here is a closeup of the tag design - the new US dolls use the same art, but the tags are a different design and shape.
* Original US Release - I bought this one on the (now closed) Pokemon Center website several years ago. His tush tag states "Pokemon Company USA".
* 2010 US Release - In 2010, Pokemon Company International opened some kiosks in Washington state containing Pokedolls with new tag designs (and several dolls that had not been sold in the US before!) Prior to that, the US version dolls were only sold at Nintendo World and Disney's Epcot.

Pokemon Jolteon Canvas Plush

Pokemon Center Canvas Plush

As a follow up to the 2008 Eevee Collection's minky Pokedoll re-releases, in 2009 they made brand new canvas plush for all of the Eevees! Here is Jolteon's adorable addition to the line.

Jolteon Mini Pokedoll Keychain

Mini Pokedoll Keychain Plush

On the first day of the 2012 Eevee Collection goods release, we were surprised by a full set of mini Eeveelution Pokedolls! Like others in the series, each has a matching keychain, felt and embroidered details, and is made of a plain cloth.
He's even more top heavy than his regular Pokedoll, so I had to have another Jolteon help him stay up. Click here for a side view.

Pokemon Jolteon Keychain Plush

"I Love Eevee" UFO Keychain Plush
I LOVE EIEVUIカバンに付けられるぬいぐるみ2

Many years after the release of the bell plush, we finally get another Banpresto Jolteon! This one's a little keychain plush to clip on your bag, and is part of the "I Love Eevee" series that features many Eevee and evolutions. What a cutie!

Pokemon Jolteon I Love Eevee Sitting UFO Plush

"I Love Eevee" Sitting UFO Plush

Next in the "I Love Eevee" series comes this cute sitting plush! Like the others in the series, he has soft pastel colors.

Pokemon Jolteon DX UFO Plush

"I Love Eevee" DX UFO Plush

Jolteon also received his first DX UFO plush as part of the I Love Eevee line. Like others in the series, he's done in soft pastel colors, similar to the Canvas line. His ears are stuffed too, so unlike most Jolteon plush, they don't stand up on their own. I think this makes him a bit harder to display and photograph, but easier to cuddle!

Pokemon Jolteon Korotto Manmaru UFO Plush

"Korotto Manmaru" UFO Plush
コロっとまんまる ぬいぐるみ

Outside of the I <3 Eevee line, this is Jolteon's first UFO plush since the release of the bell plush in 1999! He's very chibi-fied, with an oversized head and very large ears.

Pokemon Jolteon MPC UFO Plush

"My Pokemon Collection" UFO Plush

If you've looked at my collection pages for dragon-types, you may have noticed these MPC plush, which were made for every Black/White Pokemon except for Forme changes. Once Black/White ended, it seems that Banpresto decided to continue the series and do some other hyped Pokemon while waiting for the release of X/Y. Thanks to that, Jolteon managed to get a release in this great series of keychain plush!

Pokemon Center Jolteon Standing Plush

Pokemon Center Series Plush

After many years with only a few plush, Jolteon suddenly received several new ones thanks to the Eevee Collection and I Love Eevee campaigns! Here is the first of the batch, his Pokemon Center plush! The Pokedolls and Canvas are also Pokemon Center original series, but this is from the Center's "standard" line of plush.
From the front he appears to be frowning, but he's actually smiling when seen from the side!

Pokemon Center Jolteon Sitting Plush

Pokemon Center Sitting Plush
ポケモンセンターぬいぐるみ おすわりポーズ

This little Jolteon is from a set of all 9 Eevees (including Sylveon) that was released during the summer 2013 movie promotion. And wow, is he cute! I just love his happy little smile. I picked up an extra one to use as a travel buddy.
Here is a photo of his tag, just for reference.

Pokemon Jolteon Tomy Plush

Tomy Plush
ポケモン ベストウイッシュぬいぐるみ

Jolteon finally received his first Tomy plush, and he's adorable! He's got big floppy ears and a big smile on his face. I love it!

Production Art

Toz's Jolteon Animation Cel

Jolteon Animation Cel

This is the prize of my Jolteon collection. I found it (along with the sketch) on an eBay auction, and won it fairly cheaply in the end. It's a unique piece of Pokemon history! From the episode "the Ultimate Test" where Ash battles another trainer using randomly chosen Pokemon.

Pokemon Jolteon Settei

Animation Settei

Settei are reference sheets used in the creation of the Pokemon anime! An artist creates the original, then copies are made for the animators to refer to. I have several Dialga settei but this is the first I've seen of Jolteon!


Jolteon Kids Figures (5) with Clears

Kids Figure (original pose, reissue, newest pose, and clears)
ポケモン キッズ

The original Jolteon Kids figure, and its clear variant. The clears from that set are actually not hard to find (unlike later figures) because they were released in boxed sets where they were always clear.
So what is the third figure? It is a reissue from the Advanced Generation/Fire Red Leaf Green era. For a long time I thought these two versions were indistinguishable - unlike other Pokemon, Jolteon's design and colors haven't really changed much, and the Kid's paint job appears to be the same. However, I recently found that there is one major distinguishing characteristic. This means that there must be a clear version that has a fully painted mane, so I'm on the hunt for that to complete my Jolteon Kids collection!
The two on the right are a newer pose. The clear one is not a blind packaged clear, but part of an always-clear set sold in summer 2013.

Pokemon Jolteon Attack Kids (3)

Attack Pose Kids Figure (normal and clear versions)

Jolteon now has two different Attack kids! The clear one is a variant on the first release, and is extremely rare; it took me years to find. The other one is from a late Black/White release, so no clear was released, but maybe one will be in the future.

Jolteon Tomy Monster Collection Figures (3)

TOMY Monster Collection Figures (1998? original and 2007 revival)

The original Jolteon Tomy was the only Jolteon figure I had for a long, long time. Since it was basically the only non-card Jolteon item I could really get, I bought a dozen or so of them on the Pokemon Center site back when they gave discounts for purchases of multiple figures. I gave them to friends and co-workers as souveniers. I had planned to do this with the revival figure, but now I have enough figures that the Jolteon have non-clone family, so I don't really need to.
The reason I have two of the original pose figure is that one is a hard plastic version (distributed by Hasbro in toy stores) and the other is more rubbery (and distributed through the Pokemon Center).

Jolteon 1/40 Scale Zukan Figures (2)

"Zukan" Pokedex 1/40th Scale Figure
ポケモン 図鑑

The (somehow larger) Jolteon on the left is from one of the earliest Zukan sets, which also featured Eevee, Flareon, and Vaporeon in the same capsule. The happy Jolteon on the right is from a summer 2013 release that featured all 9 Eevees (Sylveon included) in one set, broken into several capsules. The latter set also included bases and accessories, which are the ones included here.

Jolteon Chibi Mini Model Figures (11)

Colored Mini Models

I believe these rubber figures were made for all of the original 151 Pokemon, and in a variety of colors. I have 11 colors of Jolteon at the moment, and am trying to get the others too! The iridescent blue one is my latest addition. So far, I think I'm missing at least orange, but what other colors are out there?

Jolteon Gold Keshimon

Keshimon (Early Keshipoke Series)

The original 151 Keshipoke figures were super tiny (like the other ones) and made of metal. There is also a silver version of each figure, but I've yet to see that of Jolteon. He is super tiny and rare! <3

Jolteon In Case Figure

In-case Figure

This is another of those series that included all of the first 151 Pokemon, but for a long time I'd never seen Jolteon's, only Vaporeon and Eevee. He finally showed up in a lot full of random junk, and now he is mine!

Jolteon and Eevee Gachapon Keychain Figure

Paired Keychain Set

This figure is hard to find even loose and in bad condition, so I was pretty excited to find one brand new in (dusty) packaging. This time, he won't be separated from his little Eevee buddy.

Jolteon 151 Figure Stamp

151 Figure Stamp

This stamp is from a series that featured all 151 first generation Pokemon, and some from the second as well. Like the other stamper, this seems to be pretty rare - I only managed to get both of them by buying large lots of the stamps.

Jolteon Chibi Figure Stamps (3) - Pink, Green and Blue

Chibi Stampers

This series features a wide variety of Pokemon (from the first and second generations) on 3 different colors of bases. Jolteon is one of the rarer Pokemon in this set, and it took me several years to track down all three colors.

Jolteon Power Bouncer

Power Bouncer

An old toy from the original Pokemon hype in the US. 

Jolteon Mini Figure

Tiny Figure

I don't know what this figure is, but it looks pretty similar to the one inside the power bouncer...

Jolteon Figure on Pokeball

Roller Figure

I'm not really sure what this one is either, but the figure on it is a happy little Jolteon. It's pretty small, but the Pokeball is heavier than it looks, so it stays well in place.

Jolteon Chibi Mini Eraser Figure

Miniature Keshi Figure

This guy is similar to the mini models, but is even smaller and can't stand up on his own. I believe he's from a set where many of these tiny figures are packed together in a toy can.

Jolteon Full Color Stadium Figures (3)

Full Color Stadium Figures

This is the older version of the 'Chou Get' series that Dialga has quite a few of. Of these, I believe the clear one is the rarest.

Jolteon AG Metal Collection Figures (5)

AG Metal Collection Figures

I believe this figure comes in a number of colors, but I'm not sure just how many. So far I have blue, purple, gunmetal, copper, and gold. I'm definitely looking for more!

Pokemon Jolteon Colored Dice (3)

Colored Battle Dice
プラコロ サイコロバトル

The box for these dice shows them neatly colored as you'd expect on a Jolteon, but the dice themselves are neon yellow. You're apparently supposed to paint them yourself, but the base color isn't even right... ^_^;
I now have 3 out of 4 variations, and just need the C dice to complete this set!

Pokemon Jolteon Red Colored Dice

Mini Battle Die
プラコロ (拡張パック)

This small red die is from a different 'booster pack' set. I don't know if there are more Jolteon in that set, but I'd like to get them if there are!

Pink Figure

Unknown Pink Figure

I thought this was part of the AG metal collection from the picture, but it's actually smaller and made of plastic. I don't know what this is, actually!

Jolteon Minicot Figure

Mini-Cot Figure

Look at that pudgy face XD Another tiny and rare figure set, I lucked out and found him listed under the Zapdos auctions, and with a buyout too!

Jakks Pacific Jolteon Figure

Jakks Pacific Posable Figure

For a long time, Jakks Pacific was the butt of jokes on pkmncollectors for making toys of largely unpopular Pokemon. American Pokemon fans would go to their toy stores and find nothing but unwanted Sudowoodo and Bonsly plush sitting on the shelf. Then, they started making Pokemon from the Giratina movie, and we were impressed, and some of us bought them. Then after that, they made a set featuring Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon, Porygon2, Haunter, and others, and we were really impressed, and many of us rushed to our toy stores to buy them! Here is the Jolteon from that series, and I believe it's Jolteon's first posable figure!

Jolteon Pokedoll Figure Jolteon Pokedoll Figure without base

711 Lottery Pokedoll Figure

Until 2012, Pokedoll figures were few and far between, mostly made for region starters and other very hyped Pokemon. I never dreamed that Jolteon would get an official one! But, for the 2013 movie promotion, one of the prize choices were "Eevee Dolls" - figures based on the Pokedolls of all the Eevees except Sylveon. I actually think they look a bit different from the dolls themselves, which makes them a bit more unique and interesting. They also come with cute little stands that feature the Pokemon Center's Pokedoll tag design.

Jolteon Chibi Kyun Chara Figure

Chibi Kyun Chara UFO Figure

Kyun Chara is a set of super cute UFO figures that started in 2013 as part of the "Adults Like Pokemon Too" (おとなもポケモン) line. This Jolteon is part of the 'chibi' subset, which feature smaller figures than the regular Kyun Chara. Isn't he a cutie!
I also kept his cute box, which you can see next to him here.

Jolteon Candy Figure

Candy Figure

This series used to include Chupa Chup candy, but since it now includes a generic candy instead, we can't call them Chupa figures anymore. The figures are no less cute for that, though! Here we have Jolteon in an unusual stalking pose.

Jolteon 'Lots of Eevees' Figure

"Lots of Eevees" Figure

Following a set full of 8 posing Pikachu, we have a gachapon set full of Eevees! Each has an interesting pose, supposedly taken from the anime. Jolteon here is sitting happily with his eyes closed. <3

Jolteon Friends Figure

Eevee Friends Figure

This strutting little Jolteon is from a Takara Tomy set featuring Eevees (and in one case, Pikachu) in pairs. As with many other "pair" type items, Jolteon was boxed with Vaporeon in this set.

Jolteon Plastic Watch

Pokemon Center Figure Strap
ポケモンセンター フィギュア ストラップ

This series began at the start of Black/White, and featured some of the earliest figures of many Black/White Pokemon. Now it's been expanded to include the whole Eevee family!
I was lucky enough to be in Japan when this strap got released, so I picked up a few extra for my own use.

Jolteon PitaPoke Set

PitaPoke Set

PitaPoke are a series of super-cute little suction cup figures that come with accessories, a bridge, and a base to stick everything to. This little Jolteon must be running a bakery, because he's got a little basket of bread and a chalkboard sign advertising coffee and cake!

Jolteon Sitting Figure Keychain

Sitting Figure Keychain (2013)
劇場版ポケモン フィギュアキーホルダー1 2013

This cute sitting keychain resembles the Tomy keychains from Gen 1 and 2 (of which Jolteon never got a release, as far as I'm aware), but he's actually made by Banpresto. He's probably still a little too spiky for me to want to use as a regular keychain, but he's a very nice figure!

TCG Cards

Jolteon Jungle TCG

Jungle TCG Card, and reissues
ポケモン カード ジャングル

Jolteon's debut into the TCG was in this set! I also have the original Japanese version, the First Edition version, and the reissued Base set version.

Jolteon Jungle Signed TCG

Autographed Jungle TCG Card
ポケモン カード ジャングル(サイン有り)

And here's another Jungle card, but this one is autographed by Kagemaru Himeno, the card illustrator! (I didn't meet him/her myself, this was an eBay find.)

Dark Jolteon English TCG

Dark Jolteon
ポケモン カード ロケット団 わるいサンダース

This aggressive Jolteon comes from the Team Rocket expansion.

Jolteon Neo Light Jolteon TCG

Light Jolteon TCG Card
ポケモン カード 闇、そして光へ。。。 やさしいサンダース

From the Neo set that came out near the English release of Gold/Silver, here's Light Jolteon! This has to be one of his cutest illustrations.

Pokemon Holon Phantoms Jolteon Half Deck

Holon Phantoms Japanese Half Deck
ポケモン カード ホロンの研究塔雷 ハーフデッキ

The only Jolteon theme deck I know of, the Japanese half-deck! I'd seen this one for sale pretty expensive before, but was able to get a good deal by getting it in a set with Flareon and Vaporeon.

Pokemon Undaunted TCG Pack - Jolteon

Undaunted Booster Pack
ポケモン カードよみがえる伝説パック

The US versions of the Undaunted TCG feature Jolteon on some of the packs, so I had to get one for my collection!

Pokemon Jolteon Trainer's Guide Promo

T Promotional TCG Card
ポケモン カード トレーナーズガイド プロモ

This card seems to be fairly rare. I have yet to see it by searching on the Jolteon auctions on either eBay or Yahoo Japan, so I feel lucky to have it!

Jolteon Player's Club Promo TCG

Player's Club Promo TCG Card
ポケモン プレイヤーズ プロモ カード

This card could originally only be obtained by saving up a large number of points in a Japanese TCG league. I just bought it in Akihabara, though!

Jolteon Dark Rush TCG

Dark Rush TCG Card
ポケモン カード ダークラッシュ

Here's a cute new Jolteon TCG, featuring Unova's Chargestone Cave!

Jolteon Eevee Collection TCG

Eevee Collection TCG Card
ポケモン カード イーブイコレクション プロモ

One item in the 2012 Eevee Collection lineup was a binder featuring not just all of the Eevees on the cover, but brand new TCG promos with the Eevee Collection art! Here is Jolteon's.

Jolteon Plasma Freeze TCG

Plasma Freeze TCG Card
ポケモン カード ラセンフォース*ライデンナックル

This Jolteon has some neat glowing Plasma effects!

(More TCG cards coming eventually. I need individual scans!)

Other Non-Flat Items

Jolteon Bottle Cap

Bottle Cap

This is part of a Thai promotion in 2001 that featured all of the first 150 Pokemon. I know because I bought the whole set myself! I've sold off most of them, but Jolteon is the only one I kept for myself.

Jolteon Metal Swing Gold Keychain

Metal Swing Keychain (gold version)
メタル スイング

This one is from a very old series that had keychains for all of the 151 original Pokemon. Many of these keychains are not hard to find (I've had two or three of Ninetales and sold them for a few dollars each), but Jolteon is one that is terribly rare - for a long time, I had the Electabuzz one on my wish list saying "the Jolteon from this set"! A big thanks to Gin of Sunyshore for helping me obtain all five of these! <3
Unfortunately, I think there might still be one more version of this one, with a silvery backing instead of a gold one, but I've never seen it. The hunt continues!

Jolteon 151 Collection Badge/Pin

151 Collection Badge/Pin

Like many of Jolteon's items, this badge is from a set that featured all 151 of the original Pokemon. This badge eluded me for a long time, until one day a full set of the badges appeared on Yahoo Japan. With the power of pkmncollectors, we were able to buy the full set, and here's that Jolteon!

Jolteon Backpack


This is not some little kid's grade school backpack, oh no! This is a full size, can-carry-college-textbooks pack. I think these were made in 1999 or so, so I was really happy to get one in brand-new condition. There's also a Flareon and Vaporeon in this set (as usual!)
Here is another photo, showing the lightning bolts on the side.

Jolteon Plastic Thai Standee

Plastic Thai Standee

This is from a very rare set of Thailand standees. Each Pokemon is on a small plastic sheet about the size of a credit card, and the pieces snap out to be assembled like this. (You can also snap the pieces back into the card for safe storage.) Many thanks to my friend keymonster for selling this one to me!

Jolteon Dog Tags

American Dog Tags Set
Source: scarsofsunlight of pkmncollectors

Many items from the early Pokemon hype in America (1999-2000) are pretty common, but these took me quite a while to get! It's nice to have them new in package as well.

Jolteon Pokemon Hat / Cap

Child's Hat

Hey, a Jolteon hat to go with the backpack! Unfortunately, this one is child-sized and too small for me to wear.

Jolteon Pokemon Marbles (4)


These are American items from the original Pokemon hype. I haven't been trying super hard to get more of these, but so far I've managed to get four colors: clear, yellow, dark blue, and iridescent purple.

Pokemon Jolteon Pencil Cap

Pencil Cap

This Japanese pen/pencil cap looks to be from the early days of Pokemon. This is the only one I've ever seen of Jolteon!

Jolteon Rose Art Rubber Stamp

Rose Art Rubber Stamp

From a set containing all 151 original Pokemon, this is the Jolteon stamp! There's a small handle on the back - I'm not sure if you were supposed to clip it to a machine to stamp, or if you just use it by hand. It's pretty tiny, though.

Jolteon Small Blue Disc

Small Blue Disc

I've got no idea what this one is from, but it's very small - about the size of a dime.

Jolteon Original Gum Piece

'Original Gum' Piece

This is from a set released during the original Pokemon hype in America, where you could buy a small container full of these tiny gum pieces. A friend showed me this listed cheap on Ecrater, so I picked it up!

Jolteon Metal Game Discs

Metal Game Discs

These are another item that was made for all 151 Pokemon! There may also be others, such as a square version (since I've seen them of other Pokemon) but I'm not sure.

Pokemon Jolteon Game Boy Color

Burger King Toy Game Boy Color and Cartridge

This is part of an old Burger King promotion featuring various Pokemon. The cartridge is separate, but it fits neatly into the 'system'.

Jolteon Stand Up Card

Stand Up Card

This could be considered a flat item, but since it's meant to stand up, I'll put it here. Like the old Japanese standup cards, you can punch out this Jolteon from the paper, then fold the remaining paper to help him stand up. I don't know much about this item since most of the text on it looks to be in Spanish, but it does say it's from the year 2000.

Jolteon Pokemon 2000 Badge/Pin

Pokemon 2000 Pin
Source: caffwin of pkmncollectors

Some badges in this set are pretty common, but others are very difficult to find, and Jolteon was unfortunately one of the latter! I was finally able to snag one on pkmncollectors, though.

Jolteon Retsuden Stamp

Retsuden Stamp

I've been collecting Retsuden stamps for a few years now, and the most I could ever find of Jolteon was the set insert proving his existence. I didn't even know what art it featured until my friend happened upon one for his own collection. He collects Eeveelutions too, but we were able to work out a trade and I'm really grateful to finally have this piece in my collection!

Jolteon Mega Blok

Mega Blok
The tiny and adorable Jolteon block. ^_^

Jolteon European Dog Tag

European Dog Tag

This is from a large AG era set featuring quite a few different Pokemon!

Jolteon Furikake Seasoning Packet

Furikake Packet (AG version)
ふりかけ袋 (AG版)

This is a packet containing dried seasonings that can be put on rice. I've gathered some of these for my favorite Gen5 Pokemon, but older ones are extremely hard to find because people just eat the seasoning and throw out the packet. A friend of mine just happened to save several of these sealed packs of Pokemon he liked, and offered me this one in trade!

Jolteon Furikake Seasoning Packet (BW)

Furikake Packet (BW version)
ふりかけ袋 (BW版)

I was quite surprised that Jolteon got a new furikake design in 2013, but it makes sense knowing that he's in this year's movie. This is the same type of item as the above, with a new package design.

Jolteon Pokemon Rollers (Orange and Green)

Colored Rollers

These are obscure items from Advanced Generation that a few people in pkmncollectors found recently! I believe Jolteon comes in at least 6 colors, but so far I only have two of them.

Jolteon Pokemon TCG Binder

TCG Binder

This officially licensed binder features Nidoran M and Nidoqueen on the front, and Jolteon on the back. Um, that's pretty random, Pokemon Company!
Since this is part of my Jolteon collection, I'm pretending it's Japanese and using the back as the front.

Jolteon Metal Red Disc

Small Red Disc

I'm not sure whether this one is official (I've seen similar discs in bootleg TCG packs), but I'll list it here just in case. It's made of metal and has a Pokeball symbol on the back.

Jolteon Metal Pokedex Charms (2)

Pokemon Center Pokedex Metal Charms

Now that there are 2 different Pokedex charms, I'll pull these out from the set. The standing one is from the 2009 Johto Pokedex charm set, where every Pokemon in the Johto dex got a charm. The sitting one is from the 2011 Pokedex set, which included all Pokemon this time!

Jolteon Metal Eevee Collection Charm

Pokemon Center Eevee Collection Charm
ポケモンセンタ イーブイコレクション メタルチャーム

This round charm is from the 2008 Eevee Collection promotion, where all 8 Eevees got their own charm like this. It just so happens to use the same art as the 2009 full-body charm.

Jolteon Pokemon Magnets by Ensky (2)

Ensky Magnets

Here are two rare Jolteon Ensky magnets! The angry one is from a summer 2013 release. I don't know what set the happy one is from, but based on when I got it, I'd guess late Diamond/Pearl.

Eevee Collection Jolteon Cookies

Pokemon Center Cookies

The Pokemon Center stores have run their "Eevee Collection" promotion a few times now, featuring lots of fun goods of Jolteon and his family. The top cookie here is from the 2008 promotion, and the bottom cookie is from the 2012 promotion.

Jolteon Pokemon Center Candy Tin

Eevee Collection Candy Tin

Eevee Collection 2009 brought us some more long-lived goods than the 2008 promotion, including this lovely candy tin! It says Thunders, a translation of Jolteon's Japanese name.

Jolteon Pokemon Center Coaster

Eevee Collection Coaster

Another Eevee Collection 2008 item, this cloth coaster features Flareon on the back (or front, depending on which Pokemon you like more...)

Jolteon Paper Standee

Paper Standee

This one came from a book of standees that had to be cut out and assembled to create a 3D figure of sorts. I'm not sure that I put Jolteon together quite right, but his head doesn't really fold back any farther, so this is what I've got!

Jolteon EC Stamp

La Maison de Eievui Stamp
La Maison de Eievui スタンプ

The second wave of goods for the 2012/2013 Eevee Collection had a theme of a house of Eevees, or La Maison de Eievui. Most of the goods featured either just Eevee itself or all 8 together, so there weren't many individual Jolteon items. This stamp was part of a set of 8 as well, but it was easy to separate Jolteon out!
The stamp is quite thin, especially compared to the Retsuden stamps, and leaves a light, sophisticated imprint.

Jolteon Mini Puzzle

Mini Puzzle (I Choose You! Series)
キミに決めた!シリーズ ミニ パズル

Hooray for new Jolteon art! This is part of a series of puzzles depicting Pokemon being called forth from their Pokeballs.

Jolteon Plastic Watch

Plastic Watch

This series of watches (which includes all of the Eevees along with Meowth, Pikachu, and Oshawott) looks similar to a gachapon series, but these are actually sold in blind-packaged capsules instead. I bought a box of them at 711 hoping to get a full set, and fortunately for me, no one else had taken any from the box yet, so I did!

Jolteon Plastic Stylus

Gachapon Stylus

I have several Dialga styluses like this in my collection, and now I've got a Jolteon too!

Jolteon Rubber Movie Strap

2013 Movie Edition Rubber Strap

This strap is from a set of blind-boxed straps released for the 2013 summer movie short. I picked up 5 boxes, hoping I'd luck out and get Jolteon…and got him in the very first box!

Jolteon Rubber Strap Collection

Rubber Strap Collection

When I first saw this strap, I assumed it would be the same as the above, just in a different pose. I was pretty surprised when I opened its box and found that it was much larger!

Jolteon Face Mascot Rubber Strap

Rubber Face Mascot Strap

Wouldn't your phone, keys, or anything else look better with a smug little Jolteon face attached to them?

Jolteon Metal Emblem Keychain

Metal Emblem Keychain

This heavy keychain comes from a set of boxed keychains. This particular one features many other Pokemon from the Eevee movie short, particularly Eevee's other evolutions.

Jolteon Sparkling Sequin Bag Charm Keychain

Sparkling Sequin Bag Charm

These nifty charms were released in Animate in late July 2013, though they may have been released other places after that. It feels like an embroidered patch, but both sides are covered with reflective sequins. I have one on my bag, and it's held up surprisingly well through regular use.

Jolteon Dot Sprite Phone Charm

Dot Sprite Phone Charm

In September 2012, the Pokemon Center released a set of rubber charms based on the in-game sprites of all of the Generation 5 Pokemon. They look a bit strange up close, but if you look from a little further away, you can see the sprite effect. They also came with a special attachment on their strap so that you can put them in the headphone jack of your phone (or other device). Several months later, we found a surprise addition of Eevee family dot sprite charms to an already crowded release day! I've purchased a few of these so that I can use them without worrying about losing one.

Jolteon Miniature Stationery Stamp

Mini Stationery Stamp
ミニ スタンプ

This cute little Jolteon is part of a stamp set including many other tiny stamps, most of which have messages on them such as "Good job!" and "Thanks!" A friend of mine bought the set to use on her students' homework, and kindly traded me this little Jolteon.

Jolteon With You Badge/Pin

Pokemon With You Badge
"Pokemon with You"バッジ

The Pokemon With You is a series of charity goods, where the proceeds go to help the victims of the March 2011 earthquake that hit the Touhoku region. Around the time of the 2012 Eevee Collection release, all 8 Eevees got their own With You badges.
This item is special to me because Jolteon has been a favorite of mine since Gen 1, so I like the idea of Jolteon always being with me.

Jolteon Pair Set Badge/Pin

"Paired" Badge

This item was part of a set sold at Animate stores (and possibly other places) that featured the Eevees in pairs. In all of these items, Jolteon was paired with Vaporeon, though this set contained two separate badges so I could easily separate them.

Jolteon Pair Set Clip Fastener

Clip Fastener (with Vaporeon)
ファスナーアクセサリー シャワーズ、サンダース

This clip is from the same Animate series as the above. I'd prefer to display just Jolteon, but I'd have to pry Vaporeon's chain open in order to remove his charm. Hmm…
There are also a clearfile and another keychain in this series, but I didn't pick them up since they didn't feature individual Jolteon.

Jolteon Movie 2013 Badge/Pin

Eevee & Friends Movie Pin
劇場限定 ピンバッジ

This badge is from a set of movie goods, and the designs are based on a scene from the 2013 movie's Eevee and Friends short. Jolteon came in a set with two others, but I just got him in trade from a friend who wanted Leafeon. ^^

Jolteon Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

This simple mug has a rather unique and interesting design, where the larger Jolteon is colored by smaller yellow silhouettes. I also like its box art so much that I'm keeping a second one new in package!

Jolteon Toyopet Watch

Toyopet Watch

Toyopet (Toyota car dealerships in Japan) offered these plastic children's watches as a prize in summer 2013. It seems that you filled out a questionnaire and had a chance to win a prize, and if you won this rank of prize, you could pick from one of the 9 Eevee evolution designs. Since the watches weren't available in stores and availability was limited, they're rather hard to find. I was lucky enough to find Jolteon up for auction on pkmncollectors, so I didn't have to try and hunt him down on Yahoo! Japan.

Jolteon Plastic Clip

Plastic Clip
プラクリップ イーブイフレンズセット

This smug little Jolteon is from a set of 8 Eeveelution clips. They're surprisingly strong for Pokemon clips; I have the others in my kitchen as bag clips!

Jolteon Bento Box

Bento Box

An adorable yellow box to keep your lunch in!

Jolteon Chopsticks


I was surprised to find these chopsticks at the Pokemon Center one day, as I'd never seen them before! They have a cute, gentle design.

Jolteon Large Tote Bag

Tote Bag

The first thing I noticed about this tote bag is that wow, it's big! The second is that the design is rather unique. It somewhat resembles the ceramic mug with the white and yellow pattern, but it has…pine trees?

Jolteon Meiji Candy Box (BW)Jolteon Meiji Candy Box (BW)

Meiji Candy Box

Meiji has released many different kinds of Pokemon candy, and this is part of a recurring series that features five flavors of candy in five different boxes. One of the possible choices in the summer 2013 set was this one, which are chewy lemon-flavored candies with a crunchy shell.

Jolteon Pokemon Center Coaster and Placemat SetJolteon Pokemon Center Coaster and Placemat Set (Back)

Eevee Collection Placemat and Coaster

Jolteon received another (very different) coaster in the 2012 promotion, and this time it comes with a matching placemat! The back has a very cute pattern, so I just had to share that here too.

Jolteon Pokemon Center Tumbler Cup

Eevee Collection Cup
イーブイコレクション カップ

This cute little tumbler is from the 2012 Eevee Collection promotion. I was expecting it to be round, but it's actually beveled near the bottom.

Jolteon Mini Towel Collection Hand Towel

Mini Towel Collection Hand Towel

I expected this mini towel to be terrycloth like my other Pokemon hand towels, but I was in for a surprise, because it's actually a very soft microfiber-like material. It seems too nice to use, so I have it laid out as decoration on my Jolteon shelf.

Other Flat Items

Jolteon Pokemon Pan Stickers Decochara Seal (5)

Pan Stickers (Decochara Seal)
デコキャラシール サンダース

Jolteon has 5 of these to date - 3 old rare ones, one from the Arceus movie set, and another (on the far right) from the 2012/2013 Eevee hype. I've got one on my "Jolteon yellow" DS Lite!

Jolteon Retsuden Amada Stickers (11)

Amada Stickers

I doubt Jolteon has nearly as many Amada stickers as Dialga does, but I'll keep a look out for more!

Jolteon Zukan Pro Sticker

Pokedex Pro Retsuden/Amada Sticker
ポケモン 全国図鑑Proシール烈伝

It took a few years into the BW era before we got new stickers of the Retsuden Amada series. This time, they all feature the 3D models as in the Pokedex Pro app, and some feature nice metallic backgrounds too. They appear to be released mostly by generation, so Jolteon is from the first generation set.

Kids Figure Cards and Stickers

Depending on the series, each (individually packed) Kids figure comes with either a sticker or a card with Pokedex data. Here are cards for the original release, the Diamond/Pearl release (which doesn't match the pose on the sticker at all), the original attack Kid, and the X/Y attack Kid. If there's a card or sticker for the FRLG era reissue (there probably is), I don't have it.

Jolteon Reflective Meiji Card

Meiji Get Card

This card is very shiny and reflective! I'm guessing it was a promo with Meiji snacks in the early days of Pokemon.

Jolteon Oversized Pog

Oversized Pog

A large cardboard pog that looks to be designed for some kind of game.

Jolteon Sprite Sticker

Red/Blue Sprite Sticker

Unsurprisingly, another item made of all 151 original Pokemon! It's pretty rare to find items that use the actual in-game sprite, so this is fairly unique.

Bandai Card - Jolteon

Bandai Pokedex Card

This is a neat little glossy sticker card from an early Japanese series.

Jolteon Mini Stamps

Shogakukan Stamps

Not valid postage! These feature Jolteon's Pokemon Stadium art.

Lt. Surge's Jolteon Sticker

Lt. Surge's Jolteon Sticker

This sticker mimics the Lt. Surge's Jolteon TCG card on the front, while the back tells about anime episode #81.

Jolteon Pun Paper

Jolteon Quiz Card

This looks like it might have been cut out of a book or something, but I'll include it here anyway. Jolteon is apparently the answer to some trivia question or riddle, and it's either a joke or a way to remember the name when it says that it's "3 dozen". That's also the same reason we celebrate Jolteon day on March 12th!

Jolteon Thunderbolt Card

Thunderbolt Card

This card seems to be meant to explain the attack Thunderbolt (10まんボルト), but it shows Jolteon using it so that's enough for me! The back features Zapdos.

Jolteon Cardboard ひらがな お Piece

Hiragana Cardboard Piece

This piece has a Japanese hiragana character on it, so I'm guessing it's part of a larger set. It looks to be from RBY era.

Battle Dice Card

Each of the Battle Dice (shown on this page) comes with one of these cards that details its attacks. The back of the card looks the same, except with four different attacks.

Jolteon and Eevee Sticker

Jolteon and Eevee Sticker

I don't know the origin of this one, but it looks to be from the early days of Pokemon. I don't usually go for things with other Eevees on them, but since this has Jolteon and not Vaporeon or Flareon, I went for this one anyway.

Plastic Green Jolteon Card

Monsters Collection Card

The back of this card shows Jolteon's Red version sprite and Pokedex data.

Jolteon Mini Sticker

Card Collection Mini Stickers

If these are what I think they are, they're a much older version of the Dialga stickers from this set. These are gachapon items where you get one little album, and tons of tiny stickers. Or, it could be from another similar set, which has some type of Pokeball filled with little stickers like these.

Jolteon Mini Stickers

Mini Stickers

The left sticker I'm guessing is from a gachapon set, since I have Dialga stickers that look just like it. The right sticker is pretty unique and features a lenticular running Jolteon.

Jolteon Chara Spin Discs (2)

Chara-Spin Battle Discs

A small metal/plastic disc used for some kind of game, made by Banpresto in 1998. Now with a more sparkly version too!

Jolteon Mini Pokedex Card

Pokedex Card

I'm not sure of the official name for this one, but it's a bit smaller than a TCG card and it looks to be Pokedex themed!

Jolteon Blue Cardboard Pog

Blue Cardboard Pog

Here's another type of Japanese pog!

Jolteon Metallic Pog

Metallic Pog

I don't know much about this pog and haven't seen many others like it. It's made of some kind of plastic and has a reflective surface.

Jolteon TAPs (3)

Jolteon TAPs
タップス (メンコ)

I bought these pog-like toys from a seller on pkmncollectors, who stated, "First up are these TAPs. They're plastic chips with a sticker on one side, and I believe they came from Peru. No idea if they're official, but they're pretty cool."
I got all of the Jolteon they had, but there may well be more out there!

Jolteon Plastic Pog from Argentina

Argentina Pog
メンコ (アルゼンチン製)

This plastic pog looks a lot like some of the taps above, but the person who traded it to me said that it was from Argentina. Anyway, it looks to be from the early international days of Pokemon.

Jolteon Argentina Sticker

Argentina Sticker
シール (アルゼンチン製)

This guy is from a large Argentina sticker set. It looks to be from around 1999.

Jolteon Artbox Sticker

Jolteon Artbox Sticker

Another little item from the original Pokemon mania in the US. This sticker is about the size of a pan sticker.

Jolteon Burger King Card

Burger King Card

This Pokedex data card is from the Burger King Pokemon promotion that took place around 1999.

Jolteon Playing Card (Jack)

Playing Card (Jack of Hearts)

This card appears to be from a first generation American playing card set. It's a bit smaller than a regular playing card, maybe half the size.

Jolteon Priss Press Large Sticker

Priss Press Sticker

A large red sticker that looks fairly durable - maybe it's meant to stick on a window or wall?

Topps Holographic Card

Topps Holographic Evolution Card

Features Eevee when turned one way, and Jolteon when turned the other, so that you can (sort of) see Eevee evolving.

Pokemon Stadium Reflective Card - Jolteon

Lenticular Pokemon Stadium Card

This is a very little card with a lenticular image of Jolteon! I love his Stadium pose.

Yellow Jolteon Game Card

Sandylion Card Sticker

This card proclaims, "Jolteon!" It says 'Sandylion Sticker Designs' on the back, so I guess it is a sticker!

Jolteon Topps Card

Topps Trading Card

In the early days of the American Pokemon fandom, Topps released a few series of these trading cards. They're not playable in any game, but have information about the Pokemon on the back.

Tomy MC Pog

This is a classic Jolteon item I should have had years earlier! Marked #135 Jolteon on the back, this was packaged with Jolteon's old Tomy MC figures in the days of the early Pokemon hype in America.

Sapporo Ichiban Noodle Stickers Jolteon

Sapporo Ichiban Noodle Stickers
サッポロ一番 ヌードルシール

Jolteon has at least four of these, but I only have two of them so far. I'd like to get the others due to their unique art, though!

Jolteon XD Sticker

XD Sticker

A small, rare sticker from a set to promote the Gamecube game Pokemon XD.

Jolteon Yellow Spanish Card

Spanish Card

I can't remember where I got this card, but it looks to be from kind of Spanish (or Mexican?) food item. The back has some numbers (attack, defense, etc) in Spanish.

Jolteon Cardboard Pogs (2)

Cardboard Pogs

Two pogs: one American and one Japanese! They both look like they're intended for some kind of game. I particularly like the unique art on the Japanese one.

Jolteon Grenada Postage Stamp

Grenada Postage Stamp

An actual postage stamp featuring Jolteon in a unique pose. I have several of these just in case I lose one, it seems like something that could be really hard to find later...

Jolteon and Eevee Postcard

Jolteon and Eevee Postcard

Here's another item with Jolteon and Eevee, but of a completely different origin! This is from a set from Argentina made in 2000. According to the back, I believe the company is Navarrete.

Jolteon / Flareon Disc by Dunkin

Dunkin Lenticular Disc

This multilingual European disc shows either Jolteon or Flareon, depending on which way you tilt it.

Jolteon Menko

"Menko" Battle Token

I was really excited to get this old and rare Menko. It's a small cardboard card about an inch tall, featuring a gold-foil of Jolteon on the back.

Jolteon Black/White Menko

"Menko" Battle Token (BW edition)

This stiff cardboard menko is from a Black/White set.

Jolteon Bromide

Bromide Card

Bromide is one of the many series of Pokemon cards and stickers that are packaged with gum or other candy. They're a bit larger than TCG cards, and sometimes are stickers as well. This particular one is from an AG set.

Plastic Green Jolteon Card

Advanced Generation Card

This card is made of a clear plastic. I don't know much about it, other than it shows the Advanced Generation logo. (Perhaps part of an FRLG set?)

Vending Cards

This seems to be a rather large featuring almost every Pokemon. I have a Dialga one too!

Evolving Vending Card

Here's a special lenticular variant from the above series, featuring an Eevee that evolves into Jolteon!

Red Jolteon Game Card

Character Card

Another card that appears to be for some game - this one is marked Hasbro on the back.

Staks Flat Magnet

Part of a large set of Pokemon magnets, I believe from somewhere in Europe...

Jolteon Master Quest Sticker

Master Quest Sticker
マスター*クエスト*シール (アルゼンチン製)

This sticker is part of a series from Argentina that's had many stickers released over the years. Here's a Jolteon from 2003 - I believe this is from the AG set.

Jolteon Battrio and Tretta Discs (8)

Battrio and Tretta Discs
ポケモン バトリオとトレッタ

These small plastic discs with original art that are used to play an arcade game of sorts in Japan. Dialga has several of these too, but Jolteon's can be found cheaply in small lots!
I finally replaced the one I lost during my move, so I think this is now a full set. The two on the bottom are from the Tretta series that has replaced the Battrio line, and the one with the green and black is from an earlier BW set.

Stationery Page

From an Eevee Collection 2009 notepad, here is a lovely stationery page!

Jolteon Seal Gum Stickers (2)

'Seal Gum' Stickers

Here are two different poses of stickers from the "seal gum" series, which are stickers that are packaged with a piece of gum.

Topp Jolteon Glow in the Dark Card

Topp Pokedex Card

Look at those eyes! What a cute little guy.
This card also has a glow in the dark (and angry) Jolteon on the back!

Jolteon Trivia Card

Trivia Card

This card is from a little boxed set of many Pokemon trivia cards. This one asks, "Which Pokemon's silhouette is this?"

Jolteon McDonalds Toy Paper Disc

McDonald's Disc

This is part of a large Japanese McDonald's set from around 2008 or so. The paper disc fits into a plastic Pokeball, maybe as if to show that this is the Pokemon you have in that ball? There is another Pokemon on the back, and I have a Dialga one too!

Jolteon 2009 Calendar Page - August 25th

2009 Calendar Page

This is from the same page-a-day calendar that I got Dialga's page from! I'm still missing both of the 2010 pages, however.

Jolteon Pokemon Center Window Decal Sticker

Pokemon Center Window Decal

This is from a set featuring many (all?) of the other Eeveelutions. I generally don't try for stickers cut out of a sheet, but since this is a reusable window decal and not just a sticker, I had to go for it.

Jolteon Pokemon Center Clearfile

Pokemon Center Clearfile (2009)

Another item from Eevee Collection 2009, here we have a super cute Jolteon clearfile!

Jolteon Pokemon Center 2012 ClearfileJolteon Pokemon Center 2012 Clearfile (Back)

Pokemon Center Clearfile (2012)

Jolteon received another clearfile as part of the 2012 Eevee Collection promotion, and it's got a drastically different design. There's a cute alternate pose on the back, too!

Jolteon Pokemon Center Postcard

Pokemon Center Postcard

As part of the 2012 Eevee Collection promotion, a set of postcards that match the above clearfiles was released. However, these weren't sold in the Center, but instead given away as bonuses for spending a certain amount on Eevee goods. Unfortunately, the Tokyo Pokemon Center didn't get them, so my friends who bought lots of Eevee goods there missed out. Thankfully though, they weren't very hard to find on auction at a reasonable price.
I really like the quality feel and matte finish of this postcard. I wonder if I could make copies to actually send out…

Pokemon Natto Wrapper with Jolteon

Natto Food Wrapper

Natto, a Japanese food made with fermented soybeans, is notorious for being disliked by non-Japanese people (and some Japanese, too!) I had already tried natto (and decided that I definitely didn't want to eat it again) when I saw these packages of natto in wrappers featuring various Pokemon, including Jolteon. It was quite cheap, and the wrapper was shielded from the natto itself by a layer of plastic wrap, so I picked it up just for the wrapper.

Marumiya Stickers (BW 4 Set)
丸美屋シール (BW第4弾)

Thies series of stickers goes back to at least Advanced Generation, though these two are actually from Black and White. They're packaged with various food products by Marumiya: curry, seaweed, soup, and so on. Each package has just one random sticker in it. Older series have a Pokeball sticker with a Pokemon hidden underneath, but some of the Black and White stickers have had one Pokemon on top and another on the bottom. These two, from set 4, are two such stickers - the left Jolteon is in its unpeeled state, and the right one originally had a Deerling sticker on top.

Jolteon Battle Pieces Stickers

Battle Pieces Stickers (Movie 16 Ver.)
ポケモンステッカーバトルピースコレクション MOVIE 16th Ver.

Battle Pieces are gachapon stickers that come in Pokeballs packed with many small stickers. These two Jolteon are from two different capsules in the same set.

Paper Bookmark

Part of another all-Eevee set, these little tabs are like tiny Post-It notes that you can use to mark pages.

"Lots of Eevees" Sticker
イーブイがいっぱい シール

In the figure section of this page, you can find the sitting "lots of Eevees" Jolteon, released in a set of 8 Eevees. However, that set was also released again a few months later, this time to add Sylveon, and included little sticker sheets this time. I already had the figure, so my friend Kitzune kindly sent me a set with stickers!

Custom and Handmade Items

Baby London Star Jolteon Custom Plush

This is a custom shiny Pokedoll, based off the original's pattern and made by the amazing BabyLondonStar. I'm quite lucky to have him!

DraggyCat Jolteon Custom Plush

Custom Plush (by DraggyCat)

A lifelike plush commissioned to look like my old in-game Jolteon. Nicknamed 'Kudos II'!

Custom Jolteon Plush by Sorjei

Custom Plush by sorjei of pkmncollectors

This cute little happy Jolteon was a surprise gift from Sorjei!

Jolteon Fleece Pillow

Custom Pillow Plush by ambertdd of pkmncollectors

Ambertdd offered slots for custom Pokemon pillow plush, and as I thought, Jolteon's head and mane work very well for it! He's about 6" tall and made of fleece.

pheonixxfoxx / Lizzard Queen Jolteon Sculpture

Custom Sculpture by pheonixxfoxx of pkmncollectors (aka Lizzard Queen)

This sculpture was a very unexpected Christmas present from pheonixxfoxx! It's very nicely made and in a cute unique pose - it looks like he's offering a paw to shake!

Sara121089 Jolteon Sculpture

Custom Sculpture by Sara121089 of DeviantArt

I get most of my custom items from other pkmncollectors community members, but this one is from DeviantArt, from the artist Sara121089. I was browsing Pokemon sculptures and liked the way she did Eeveelutions, so on a whim I requested a happy Jolteon from her, and here he is!

BeeZee Jolteon Sculpture

Custom Sculpture by BeeZeeArt on Etsy

This cute little sculpture was made to order on Etsy. I really liked his sleeping face, but wanted to see his front paws poking out, and the artist was very willing to work with me and add the paws into the design!

Jolteon sitting on Pie Sculpture

Custom Sculpture (with matching laminate) by jirachi_chan6 of pkmncollectors

This is part of jirachi_chan6's Pokemon bakery line, where she sculpts Pokemon on top of a baked good. I requested Jolteon on top of a key lime pie, since it's close to his shiny color.

Jolteon Custom Winterwish Charm

Pokedoll Art Charm by winterwish of pkmncollectors

This charm uses the official Pokedoll art, but is much larger than the official (Salamence) Pokedoll charm I have. It's nicely made and pretty cute!

Jolteon Custom Cloth Charms

Pokedoll-style Cloth Charm by jackiesells on Livejournal

I think I had this designed to look like the Pokedoll style, before we knew what Jolteon's official Pokedoll art actually looked like. Still cute, though!

Jolteon Custom Plastic Charm

Pokemon Time Style Custom Charm by moguryuu of pkmncollectors

Pokemon Time is a series of goods at the Pokemon Center, featuring Pokemon drawn in a unique designer style. None of the Pokemon I collect have been featured in this style yet, but Moguryuu put up commissions offering art and charms done in this style for just such Pokemon. As a result, here is my cute little Jolteon charm!

Jolteon Custom Plastic Charms

Custom Charms by buddhatube of pkmncollectors

The larger sitting Jolteon was a commission, and the small one was thrown in as a freebie! =)

Jolteon Custom Plastic Charm

Custom Charm by mandyseley of pkmncollectors

A small shrinkydink charm of Jolteon, to go with my Dialga! I'm really pleased with how this one came out.

Jolteon Custom Laminated Bookmark with Charm

Custom Bookmark and Mini Charm Set, by nightmare_chan2 and jirachi_chan6 of pkmncollectors

These also go with a Dialga that I commissioned, though I plan to actually use this one in books! I requested Jolteon in an urban setting.

Jolteon Beadsprite (custom)

Custom Beadsprite

This guy is based on the Jolteon menu sprite from the Game Boy games, and is about 3" tall. He was made for me by miss_fuu_chan of pkmncollectors, and accompanied a much larger Dialga sprite that I also commissioned!

Custom Jolteon Clay Keychain

Custom Clay Keychain

This little keychain was handmade by rythen of pkmncollectors. I actually didn't commission it, but I saw it up for sale and grabbed it.

Handmade Jolteon Pin

Custom Element Badge

I didn't commission this one, but bought it (and a spare) premade from li_kichi of pkmncollectors.

Custom Clay Magnet

Custom Clay Magnet

This magnet was handmade by jaxtoys of pkmncollectors.

Usakochan Jolteon Patch

Custom Iron-On Patch by usakochan of pkmncollectors

I commissioned a custom hoodie (of Salamence) from usakochan, and had this patch thrown in as well!

Jolteon Cross Stitch Magnet

Custom Cross-Stitch Magnet

I don't actually know who made this guy, since he was given to me as a gift by my friend keymonster. He's pretty tiny, only about 1" tall!

Jolteon ACEO by Keymonster

ACEO by keymonster of pkmncollectors

This dynamic Jolteon was done by my friend Keymonster, who is primarily a Vaporeon collector but is a fan of Jolteon as well!

Jolteon Trio ACEO by Sorjei

ACEO by sorjei of pkmncollectors

A surprise gift from my friend sorjei, featuring some cute sleepy (and running) Jolteon!

Jolteon Cutout

Cutout by keshi_kins of pkmncollectors

A colorful cutout of a cute Jolteon!

Jolteon Sleeping Watercolor Painting

Sleeping Jolteon Painting by nefhithiel of pkmncollectors

For this painting, I requested Jolteon on the day care ranch, sleeping and dreaming of the Ditto he's currently sharing it with. Nef was actually the one who helped me set up the backbone of this website!

Jolteon Painting

Painting by viper_fox of pkmncollectors

A commission of a chubby laying Jolteon on canvas!

Pacificpikachu Realistic Jolteon

Art by pacificpikachu of pkmncollectors

A commission of a realistic-style Jolteon!

Jolteon Roxyryoko Sticker

Unofficial sticker (from Roxyryoko)

A cute little sticker made from fanart and printed out.

Jolteon Warking_Chocobo Doodle

Package doodle from warking_chocobo

I bought a little Dialga figure from warking_chocobo, and she kindly sent along this cute doodle!

Jolteon Doodle by kitzune

Package doodle from kitzune

This excited little Jolteon came with a bunch of Jolteon goodies!

More individual item descriptions coming eventually!