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Salamence, Shelgon, and Bagon

A closer look at one of my other dragon collections!

Last update: October/5/2012

Toz's Salamence line Collection

A group shot from August 2011.

Wanted and Coming Soon Items


Bagon has the fewest items, so I'll start with him rather than burying his section under Salamence's.

Pokemon Bagon Custom Plush

Custom plush by junoluver of pkmncollectors

Poor Bagon never received any official plush, so I had one made! I'd meant for it to be Pokedoll size and style, but it came out looking more similar to a canvas plush or friends plush. That's ok too!

Pokemon Bagon Kid and Clear Kid

Kids Figure (with Clear)

Bagon has few enough items that I may as well maximize them with the clear variant of his Kid! He got a reissue of this during DP, but no new poses.

Pokemon Hasbro Scale Figure

Hasbro Scale Figure

Hasbro released a line in the US during the AG era of to-scale figures (though not on the same scale as zukan). Bagon and Lairon (not Bagon and Shelgon) were a part of that set, so I snatched them up!

Pokemon Bagon Shelgon Salamence Zukan 1/40 Scale Figures


Family portrait time! As usual, Salamence hogs the spotlight (and the base).

Pokemon Bagon Smiling Sculpture

Custom sculpture by gabtizzle of pkmncollectors

Bagon never received a Tomy MC, so I filled that gap with a custom made sculpture. While I'm at it, why not give him a unique pose and facial expression?

Pokemon Bagon Shelgon Salamence Mah Jong Tiles

Mah Jong Tiles

I've only played Mah Jong a little bit, but I thought these were unique and interesting enough that I had to pick them up.

Pokemon Bagon and Shelgon Battrio

Bagon and Shelgon Battrio

I don't try very hard for flat or semi-flat items of these guys, but if I see them cheap I'll often pick them up, and that's what happened here! Hmm, maybe I should get a Salamence one to complete the set...


Despite his simple design, Shelgon is actually pretty high up on my list of favorite Pokemon. Too bad he doesn't have much merchandise!

Pokemon Shelgon Custom Plush

Custom Pokedoll by juumou of pkmncollectors

Like Bagon, Shelgon never got any official plush, so I had one made in a Pokedoll style! This is one of my favorite custom plush.

Pokemon Shelgon Custom Bell Plush

Custom bell plush by ambertdd of pkmncollectors

I love my custom Pokedoll but I wanted another, smaller plush of Shelgon as well...so ambertdd made this cute little bell plush to fill that need!

Pokemon Shelgon Kid and Clear

Kids Figure (with Clear)

I picked up Shelgon's clear as well! Like Bagon, he got a reissue during the DP era but it's the same pose, what a shame!

Pokemon Shelgon Pokedex Figure

Pokedex Figure

Wow, a rare official Shelgon figure! In addition to the figure, this line features a base showing the Pokemon's Pokedex data, including their footprint.

Pokemon Shelgon Custom Charm Sculpture

Custom charm by kateluff of pkmncollectors

As with Bagon, I commissioned a cute little charm to fill the gap made by the lack of a Tomy MC. I'm pretty pleased with how he came out!

Pokemon Shelgon and Salamence Retsuden Stamps

Retsuden Stamps

Super rare and awesome Retsuden stamps! Most of the AG series stamps are now very rare, probably due to a combination of low production/sales and the fact that people probably threw them out when they were done with them. Although I'm still seeking Bagon, I feel really lucky to have these two!

Pokemon Shelgon Mega Blok

Mega Blok

This Shelgon block is pretty angry that matching Bagon and Salamence bloks were never made. At least he got one, though!

Pokemon Shelgon Waps


As with the Battrio, I don't really seek these items out, but I'll take them if they're cheap or free!


My third favorite Pokemon has quite a selection of items, mostly due to his role in the Jirachi movie. I mostly only collect his figures and plush, but will pick up other items if I like them enough and the price is right.

Pokemon Salamence Banpresto Plush

2004 Banpresto UFO Plush

Salamence's AG era Banpresto plush!

Pokemon Salamence Banpresto Plush

DP era Banpresto UFO Plush

This plush originally came out in a random set with Staraptor, Heracross, Gallade, and more! It was also later reissued in a 'monsters' theme set with Metagross.

Pokemon Salamence 2013 Banpresto Plush

BW era Banpresto UFO Plush

At first glance, this plush might appear to be a reissue of the above DP plush, but he's actually very different. The biggest change is size; he's much smaller than the previous plush, smaller than Salamence's Pokedoll but close to most other Pokedolls in size. Besides that, his pattern is also quite different. He's part of an all-dragon set released in summer 2013.

Pokemon Salamence Pokedoll Plush


Salamence's Pokedoll is very rare, and I don't believe it ever saw a release outside of Japan. I've only seen a few of these pop up for sale myself.

Pokemon Salamence Kids Figures - Regular, clear and shiny

Kids Figure (with clear and shiny)
ポケモンキッズ (普通とクリアと色違いバージョン

Salamence is one of the few Pokemon I collect to receive an official shiny Kid! And here he is, along with his clear and regular counterpart.

Pokemon Salamence Kids Figures - Attack with clear

Attack Kids Figure (with clear)
ポケモンきめわざキッズ (普通とクリアバージョン

Salamence also received a pretty cool Attack kid - he's using Dragon Claw!

Pokemon Salamence Kids Figures - Attack with clear

European Bandai Figure with Sound

A friend in England showed me a photo of this figure, and it was on my wanted list for a very long time. (Maybe a year or two?) I searched eBay.co.uk for it frequently, but never found one. I mentioned this fruitless search in a comment on pkmncollectors, and someone offered to sell me one! He is delightful and well worth the search, hands down my favorite Salamence figure.
You may notice the rest of the figures on this page have been removed from the packaging, but he hasn't. I'm planning to move soon, and so I'm leaving this rare figure in his box for now so that he's a little safer for the journey.

Pokemon Salamence Keshipoke Figure


There is nothing I would change about this figure. Great pose, great face, well made...I love it!

Pokemon Salamence Tomy Monster Collection Figure

Tomy Monster Collection

There's something about this one that just seems off to me - maybe it's the way the jaw is connected? Oh well, Salamence has so many other great figures that I can't mind too much.

Pokemon Salamence Pokedex Figure

Pokedex Figure

To match my Shelgon, here's a Salamence Pokedex (Full Color Advance) figure! Hmm, wonder why they didn't paint the underside of his jaw on this one...

Pokemon Salamence In Case Figure

Bath Kids Figure

These figures were part of an AG era promotion and were included with boxes of bath salts. The figure with the case and background is very rare (this is the only one I've ever seen) but the figure itself seems to show up fairly commonly. Something odd about this figure is that the base has slots (as if it's supposed to hold a figure with a peg) and the figure has a slot for a peg as well. Maybe there's some piece in the middle that I'm missing?

Pokemon Salamence Candy Cap Figure

Candy Cap Figure

I'd had Dialga's two candy cap figures for a while, but it wasn't until much later that I learned about Salamence's! It appared in a group auction run on pkmncollectors, and I was able to win him there for quite cheap!

Pokemon Salamence Hasbro Attacking Figure

Hasbro Attacking Figure

When I first bought this American figure, I thought he might be a bootleg due to the derptastic face, but nope, that's just how the Hasbro figures of this era were! Someone should have paid a little more attention when designing the eyes, I think.
The attacking part of this figure is that he has a button you can press to move his wings and open his mouth.

Pokemon Salamence Jakks Figure

Jakks Pacific Figure

Now here's a much better looking American figure, made by Jakks Pacific. The wings on this one are posable and he's got a great face. If I were going to commission a Salamence plush, I'd probably design it based on this figure - with posable wings!

Pokemon Salamence Trading Figure Game - Regular, Clear, and Pearl

Trading Figure Game - Regular, Clear, and Pearl versions

As we expect from Kaiyodo figures, the sculpting on these is beautiful. I rather like the 'perched on a mountain' base as well.

Pokemon Salamence Data Carrier Figure

Data Carrier Figure

It's hard to say which is my favorite Salamence figure, but this one is definitely up there. It's a Japanese figure from a short-lived AG series.

Pokemon Salamence Suction Cup Figure

Suction Cup Figure

Here's a much more chibi and cute figure, from the suction cup line! Adorable.

Pokemon Salamence Tomy AG Figure

Tomy AG Figure

This one resembles a Kids figure, but is made by Tomy rather than Bandai. There were two sets of these (with 5 or 6 Pokemon each) released for the Jirachi movie, and possibly the Deoxys movie as well. Other Pokemon in the set include Absol, Mightyena, Jirachi, and Whismur.

Pokemon Salamence Bath Salt Figure

Bath Salt Figure

Here's another set that began in AG era, but this one has continued all the way into BW! The figures are encased in balls of bath salt, and only by melting it can you determine who's inside.

Pokemon Salamence Battle Figure

Battle Roulette Figure
ポケモン バトルーレット

This set includes a lot of random AG Pokemon, and the bases have roulette wheels you can spin to play some kind of game. (There is also a DP version that includes Dialga!) His neck is not broken and glued together, the figure is just designed that way!

Pokemon Salamence Nametag Keychain Figure

Nametag Keychain Figure

This is from a Jirachi movie set, and each one has a blue Pokeball tag you can write your name on. It's a cute figure too!

Pokemon Salamence Pokedex Keychain Figures (2)

Pokedex Figure Keychains

These figures both have Pokedexes with Salamence's data attached, but otherwise they're quite different! One seems to be using Dragonbreath, and the other has a lenticular Pokedex with a changing image.

Pokemon Salamence Puchikyara Figures (3)

Puchi Character Figures (color, green, yellow)

I don't know much about these, other than they're tiny (even smaller than the keshipoke) and come in a variety of colors. How many more colors are out there?

Pokemon Salamence Foam Stamp

Foam Stamp

This stamp is part of a line dating back to the first generation of Pokemon. Supposedly one has been made for every Pokemon (except for most of the 5th Gen, of course), but I've only seen a few different ones myself - I have Dialga's, but have never seen Jolteon's. So when the chance appeared to buy this stamp, I just had to grab it! I love stamps anyway and would love to get any the Salamence line has, especially those elusive Retsudens.

Pokemon Salamence Metal Pokedoll Charm

Pokedoll Charm

Like most of these charms, Salamence's metal Pokedoll charm is probably rarer than the Pokedoll itself! These were sold in Pokemon Centers in sets of three charms on a keychain, but as with many AG era items, they're very difficult to find now.
Later versions of this series (like Dialga's) are instead gachapon items, and are attached to a phone strap rather than a keychain.

Pokemon Salamence Can Badge

Movie Theater Goods Can Badge

This rainbow colored badge is from a Jirachi movie theater goods set, that also came with Jirachi, Absol, and Meowth & Pikachu dancing.

Pokemon Salamence Pokemon Ranger Badge

Pokemon Ranger Badge

I got this from the US Pokemon Center website, and I'm unsure whether it was ever released in Japan! It came as part of a set with Flygon, Kingdra, and one of the trainers from the game.

Pokemon Salamence Metal Medallion

Medallion Keychain

This keychain appears to be from a Jirachi movie set as well, though there are some non-movie AG sets as well. It's marked Pikachu Project on the back.

Pokemon Salamence Minis Bee Disc

Minis Bee Disc

The writing on this is hard to make out (is it Miris Bee?) but it appears to be for some kind of Japanese game.

Pokemon Salamence TCG Coin

TCG Coin

I don't usually go for this sort of item, but I couldn't resist buying a small lot of Salamence goods to get this one. =)

Pokemon Salamence Stickers

Mini Stickers

Mini stickers of various styles! We have a Trozei sticker, a Pokedoll sticker, and another one that I believe came in the same set as the Pokedoll sticker.

Pokemon Salamence Hoodie

Custom Hoodie by usakochan

Here's the first of my Salamence custom items! I made the design for this hoodie and the talented usakochan did all the hard work. It's quite heavy and the 'whiskers' pull quite a bit, but I love the wings!

Pokemon Salamence Clay Keychain

Custom Keychain by grassius of pkmncollectors

I didn't commission this keychain, but when I saw it go up for auction I had to try for it! It matches the Pokedoll quite well. =)

Pokemon Salamence Laminated Charm

Custom Laminate Charm by lawlzy of pkmncollectors

This was one of the Chibi Charms that lawlzy used to offer. It's double sided too!

Pokemon Salamence Color Cutout

Custom Cutout by keshi_kins of pkmncollectors

To go with the Dialga, shiny Dialga, and Jolteon I requested, I also got a Salamence! As you can see in the top photo, he adorns the side of my dragon shelf.

Pokemon Salamence ACEO

ACEO by Shadowmoth

Another item I requested at the same time as a Dialga commission =) Here we have a very dragony Salamence!

Wanted and Coming Soon Items!

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