A reference for Zoroark items.

Last update: April/25/2016

I'm no longer collecting Zoroark and have sold most of these items, but I'm leaving this page up for reference.

Toz's Zoroark Collection

A group shot from December 2011. My goal with Zoroark was to obtain one of each official figure, and select other items that I especially like.

Other Items
Wanted and Coming Soon Items


Pokemon Zoroark Takara Tomy Plush

Takara Tomy Plush
ポケモンぬいぐるみDP ゾロアーク

I think if you are going to only get one Zoroark plush, you should get this one. It's just wonderfully made!

Pokemon Zoroark Pokedoll Plush


The only other Zoroark plush I plan to get, this one is just cute and chibi and I knew I had to get one.

Pokemon Zorua Pokedoll Plush


Pokedolls are cute and inexpensive, so I figured I'd pick this one up along with Zoroark's.

Pokemon Zorua Zoroa Talking Tomy Plush

Talking Zorua Plush

I wasn't planning to get any Zorua items at all, but when I saw him in the movie, I knew that I wanted to have this plush. You can see my video of him talking here!


Pokemon Zoroark Ichiban Kuji Prize Figure

Ichiban Kuji Prize Figure

Ah, this one has kind of a funny story with it. When I went to Japan in 2008, I had no luck at all getting the giant Giratina figure at the 7-11 lottery. (I later bought mine on auction.) So, by the time I went back in 2010, I knew I wanted to collect Zoroark, and I thought a smart idea would be to buy the large prizes I was unlikely to win and just play the lottery to get the smaller, more common prizes. I bought one on auction, and then while trying for the smaller prizes I hadn't won yet, I won one of these large figures. I still remember what the shopkeeper said to me as I was staring at the winning ticket in disbelief - "一番でっかい奴ですよ!" (That's the biggest one!) After that, I bought a few more tickets a day or two later, and won another one. From then on, I knew I wanted to make this collection more than just a summer game, and keep up with it!

Pokemon Zoroark Kids Figures

Kids Figures

So far, Zoroark has three versions of these - one is from the movie Kids pack (and is sparkly), one is from a movie-themed Kids set (sold separately), and another is from the last DP Kids set, which snuck in a Pokemon from the next generation as they often do.

Pokemon Zoroark Attack Kids Figure

Attack Kids Figure

Zoroark's first attack Kid is here! She's using Night Daze, which is her (and Zoroa's) signature move.

Pokemon Zoroark Tomy MC Figures (3)

Tomy MC Figures

Like most movie star Pokemon, Zoroark got special versions of this figure along with the normal release. The clear is from the movie theater (also sold in the Pokemon Center, I think) and the pearly shine one is from 7-11 (sold, not a lottery item).

Pokemon Zoroark Tomy MC+ Figure

Tomy MC+

Zoroark's movie star release also allowed it to receive a dynamic and fancy Moncolle Plus figure!

Pokemon Zoroark Tomy Sofubi Figure

DX Tomy / Sofubi Figure

The technical term for these is Sofubi (soft + big?) figures, but since Banpresto also has a line by that name, we call them 'DX Tomy' figures in pkmncollectors. It's basically a big posable vinyl figure!

Pokemon Zoroark Banpresto Sofubi Figure

Sofubi Figure

This is from the other line of Sofubi, made by Banpresto. Unlike the Tomy figures (which are sold in stores with a hang tag), these are UFO prizes that come in large boxes. I don't want to think about how much money I spent winning this one, and I think I'm done with UFO machines for good!
I wonder if maybe there's something off with the mold on mine, because its feet and tail are twisted such that it won't stand up. I had to support it with a finger to get a photo here.

Pokemon Zoroark 7-11 Cup and Figure

7-11 Cup Figure

This is another of the prizes from the 7-11 lottery in summer 2010. It's a plastic cup with a little Zoroark in the bottom, but you can remove the cup for washing or easier displaying.

Pokemon Zoroark Pose Figure

Pose Figure

A nice quality figure from the 13th movie release, which came in a set with Raikou, Suicune and others.

Pokemon Zoroark Chupa Surprise Figure

Chupa Surprise Figure

Another staple series with a Zoroark movie set ^_^ These became surprisingly easy to find in import stores and online shops after the movie release.

Pokemon Zoroark Keshipoke


I checked 7-11 for these many days in a row looking for this set determined to get this figure, but I eventually found her at the Yokohama Pokemon Center ^_^ These figures are blind packed, so it can be really hard to get the one you're after.
This is Zoroark's smallest figure, by the way - here it is on top of the 7-11 prize figure.

Pokemon Zoroark and Zorua Zukan (3)

Zukan (3 versions)

Somehow Zoroark and Zorua got 4 different Zukan! The two with the black bases are from the set released around the time of the Zoroark movie - apparently they felt the need to have Zorua and Zoroark in two different poses within the same set. The one with the red base is from a special set with shiny Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, although it was available in regular gachapon machines (and not as a prize or special promotion).

Pokemon Zoroark and Zorua Clear Zukan

Clear Zukan
図鑑クリア (ポケモンファンバージョン)

As far as I know, this is the only clear zukan made to date! I hope they continue to make them, because I think the effect is pretty neat.
This one was a freebie with July 2010 issues of Pokemon Fan magazine.

Pokemon Zoroark Clipping Figure

Clipping Figure Collection

This is one of the few Zoroark items so far that doesn't appear to be based on the Zoroark in the movie, but rather the species itself. That said, it did come out in a set with other movie star Pokemon, so who knows!

Pokemon Zoroark Soap Figure / Bikkura Tamago

Soap Figure

This is from a series of blind-packaged figures that come encased in soap, so if you buy one at the store you won't know who's inside until the soap melts. I think I ended up buying about 20 of these, but I'll admit I kept buying them for a while after I got Zoroark and Suicune...they're just fun!

Pokemon Zoroark Miniature Gachapon Machine

Miniature Gachapon Machine

From another long running series, a mini gachapon machine featuring the movie Pokemon! This is itself a gachapon item, and has to be assembled and the stickers applied.

Pokemon Zoroark Hotto Motto Toy

Hotto Motto Toy

This is part of a series of action figures with a small amount of movement. I believe Zoroark snaps forward on her base here if you press a button.

Pokemon Zoroark 711 Figure Styluses

7-11 Exclusive Figure Stylus

I bought a whole bunch of these blind-packaged styluses at 7-11, but only succeeded in getting the clear Zoroark for my collection. Thankfully, I was able to find the full color version on YJ!

Pokemon Zoroark Pokemon PlaMo

PokePlaMo (Pokemon Plastic Model)

I bought one of these in Japan and applied the stickers to it, but it didn't survive the trip back to my house. I thought the stickers looked awful on it anyway (paint would be much better) so I bought another one and just didn't apply them.

Pokemon Zoroark Pokemon Sukui Scooping Figure

Scooping (Sukui) Figure

Here's another cute Zoroark, from a chibi line called Scooping Figures. Why scooping? Well, they are meant to be amusement park prizes that you scoop out of water, and are not sold singly in stores! Thanks much to denkimouse of pkmncollectors (and Sunyshore) for buying sets of these for us!

Pokemon Zoroark 711 Boat Figure

7-11 Drink Promo Figure

This figure helps us relive the moment in the movie where Zoroark controlled a boat with her special powers! Oh wait, that never happened.
This is from a series of figures run every year since 2007 that comes attached to a drink bottle at 7-11: you buy the drink and get the figure attached to it.

Pokemon Zoroark Ichiban Kuji Figure Keychain

Ichiban Kuji Movie Theater Lottery Keychain Figure

This figure is a prize from the movie theater lottery (which have different prizes from the 7-11 lotteries), but unlike the 7-11 lottery it's much easier to get the items you're after because you get to pick which character you won an item of. I bought two tickets, won 2 items of the lowest rank (figure keychains), and picked up Zorua and Zoroark. Easy as pie!
This figure is really huge for a keychain though, and is so spiky I can't imagine anyone would want to put it in their pocket...

Pokemon Zoroark Pokeball Chibi Phone Charm

Chibi Figure Charm with Pokeball

I came across a gachapon machine in the movie theater after the Zoroark movie showing, and mined it until I got both of these! In my opinion this is one of the cutest (rather than fiercest) Zoroark figures.

Pokemon Zoroark Figure Phone Charm

Phone Strap Figure

From Bandai's classic figure strap series, here is Zoroark!

Pokemon Zoroark Netsuke Phone Charm

Netsuke Phone Charm

Another item from the 13th movie sets! I think there is another version with a black strap, but I'm not too worried about it for now.

Pokemon Zoroark and Zorua Figure Keychain

Mama and Baby Keychain

This keychain was given out to everyone who bought a movie ticket for the Zoroark movie in Japan, or at least until supplies ran out. From what I see on the Zoroark item listings, this seems to be one of the most common Zoroark items.

Pokemon Zoroark UFO Figure Keychains (2)

UFO Figure Keychains - regular and metallic versions
フィギュアキーホルダー~2010~, シャイニーカラーフィギュアキーホルダー

The one on the left is a Banpresto UFO prize from a Zoroark movie set, though it was also re-released in the first BW set with a different backing. The one on the right is a metallic BW version from a later set.

Pokemon Zoroark 711 Prize Keychain

7-11 Prize Keychain

This one looks quite similar to the mama and baby keychain, but the pose is a little different. This one is one of the summer lottery prizes from 7-11, and came with a Pikachu-head-shaped keyring, which I've removed.

Pokemon Zoroark Pepsi NEX Phone Strap

Pepsi NEX Phone Strap
ペプシNEX ポケモンコレクション ストラップ ゾロアーク

Unlike most of the items on this page, this strap isn't from the Zoroark movie, but rather part of a large (24) BW strap lineup! These were attached to bottles of Pepsi NEX soda, which you had to buy for each figure.

Pokemon Zoroark Action Keychain

Action Keychain

I think this one came out after I'd left Japan, so I had to hunt it down the old fashioned way! If you press the button the Pokedoll, her arms move.

Pokemon Zoroark Jakks Pacific Figures (2)

Jakks Pacific Figures (BW and DP versions)

Zoroark's first American figure! Someone on pkmncollectors posted to show that there are actually 2 versions of this figure - the one that came out at the end of Jakks' DP series, and then the BW one that was packaged with Tepig and other B/W Pokemon. There are several differences, such as the paint jobs and the texture of the material, but probably the easiest way to tell them apart is to check the feet. The DP figure has normal feet, and the BW figure has holes in the soles of its feet, even though neither figure comes with pegs.

Pokemon Zoroark Jakks Pacific Figure Shiny Repaint

Jakks Pacific Figure Shiny Repaint

My first and only Zoroark custom! I don't usually try for them, but since I ended up with a spare Jakks Zoroark anyway and Zenity was offering repaints, I thought it'd make for a neat addition to my collection. Her colors blend inwith the few Zorua in my collection, so she doesn't look too out of place.

Pokemon Zoroark Jakks Pacific Deluxe Figure

Jakks Pacific Deluxe Figure

I wasn't aware this figure existed until I spotted it in a Newbury Comics, of all places! She's pretty big, about the size of the Japanese UFO figure.
I usually unbox my figures unless they're really rare (which this one isn't), but the box has a bunch of Zoroark on it and I can stack figures on top of it, so I'm keeping her in the box for now.

Pokemon Zoroark Pokemon Catcher Figure

Jakks Pacific Pokemon Catcher Figure

A second Jakks figure, though much smaller than the other one! This one is about the size of a keshipoke, but in a pretty unique pose. The detail on her face and spikes is also pretty nice for such a small figure.

Pokemon Zoroark McDonald's Figure

McDonald's USA Posable Figure

McDonald's in Japan has had lots of Pokemon promotions, but we finally got our first one in the USA in June 2011. (Previously, it had just been other chains like Burger King and KFC.) This figure is somewhat posable, and has a much more 'smooth' look than most of the Japanese or Jakks ones.

Other Items!

Pokemon Retsuden Stamps Zoroark (2)

Retsuden Stamps

One stamp is from the last DP stamp set (DP10), and the other is from the first BW set (BW1). I'll be very surprised if she doesn't get at least one more, though!

Pokemon Zoroark Enameled Movie Goods Charm

Movie Theater Keychain

This well-made keychain is part of a set sold in the movie theaters for the Zoroark movie. It had two other charms (Suicune and Celebi? I don't remember for sure) but I've split up the set.
There is also a gold version of this keychain that was given out as a lottery prize in Pokemon Fan magazine (not as a free with the magazine), but I'll leave hunting that down to more dedicated Zoroark collectors.

Pokemon Zoroark Metal Emblem (silver)

Silver Metal Emblem

Thankfully, these aren't blind packed, so you can pick whoever you want from the set. I actually have a gold version too (with a different picture of Zoroark) but I couldn't find it for the photo ^_^;

Pokemon Zoroark and Zorua Amada Sticker Book

Retsuden Amada Book

I bought this one on a whim since it came with some neat Amada stickers. The back features Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.

Pokemon Zoroark, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Celebi Can Badge

Movie Theater Goods Can Badge

I don't try for things that feature other Pokemon in my Zoroark collection, but I find it hard to resist buying these theater-exclusive badges. This one may move on to another collection at some point, but for now it joins my charms and keychains.

Missing Items

I was never able to find these two.