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Wanted (and Pending) Items

I felt that the non-Dialga items got a bit lost among the tons of Dialga items on my regular wanted page, so I made a separate page for them here! Click here or the Wanted link on the left side of the page to reach my Dialga wants page.

Last updated: April/25/2016

I'm no longer actively collecting Pokemon other than Dialga so I'm not looking for these items anymore, but I'm leaving this page here in case other collectors of these Pokemon want to see what I was never able to find.

High priority:

I was never able to find these anywhere!

Salamence Thinkchip Package Art

Salamence's Thinkchip+ figure!

Eevee Evolution Dice

I have A, B and D, but not the C Jolteon dice.

I don't have photos of:

Low Priority wants:

Images and information credit goes to:

Japanese Pokemon official website (Goods section)

Bandai official website

Pansy's Collection Site and Trade List